How To Dyed Hair Naturally Without Chemicals

How to dyed hair naturally? Gray hair is the most fearest nightmare that all women can have.

Everything has been changing according to the lifestyle and we as human beings do not like change which makes us feel old/bad.

Our hair turns grey due to hormonal imbalances, age, stress, and excessive exposure to the sun.

In this post, I will share some homemade recipes that can help to dye your hair naturally and it will not have any repercussions on your skin because they are not chemically induced.

Here Is Naturals Way To Dyed Hair:

1. Black Tea To Dyed Hair Naturally

Black Tea To Dyed Hair

Black tea is a rich source of tannin that helps in imparting color. It is a great remedy to treat grey hair and also acts as naturally dyed hair. It will also allow you to have natural highlights and shining hair.

So first add black tea bags to the cup of boiling water and add the mixture of herbs to this black tea, let it steep overnight, then transfer the solution in a spray bottle.

Shampoo as usual and spray the black tea solution thoroughly on your hair, do not rinse.

Repeat this treatment every day for one week and then, it is to be done twice a week till you achieve desired results.

2. Coffee For Dyed Hair

Coffee Dyed Hair Naturally

Coffee is not a permanent solution for grey hair. But with regular use, it can make your hair a shade darker or it at least cover the gray.

Make a very strong cup of coffee and let it be until it cools down. Then pour all the coffee through your hair while massaging it in.

After that let your hair as it is then after 20 minutes rinse your hair under running water and get dyed hair.

3. Beet Juice

Beet juice Dye Hair

Beet juice is a natural dye dyed, it will make your hair red tint. Mix beet juice with a carrier oil and apply the mixture slowly to your hair. And then wrap your hair then rinse it after an hour.

4. Walnut Shells

Walnut Shells Dye Hair Naturally

Walnut shells will give you a rich dark brown color and hide your gray hair naturally.

For more intense dyed hair, Put the strained juice on heat and boil it until it gets simmered down to about a quarter of the original volume.

Then allow to cool in the refrigerator, strain if needed, and pour through hair.

5. Sage For Dyed Hair Naturally

Sage  For Dyed Hair

Sage is a good option to darken up the shade of your hair color and it also helps to naturally cover the gray hair. It is the best natural dyed hair.

Steep between 1/2 and 1 cup of dried sage in a quart of boiling water for at least 30 minutes. Let it cools down then strain out the sage, and wash your hair properly and dry it with a towel.

Then pour the sage water over your hair for as long as possible, let the tint develop for at least 15 minutes before washing it out.

6. How To Highlight Your Own Hair?

Lemon juice

Wanting to get some of the highlights? Then lemon juice is one of the best remedies for dyed hair. Lemon juice can help to strip your hair of its pigment very slowly, lightening it over time.

It’s best used to achieve the sun-kissed highlights naturally. Unlike the other methods described here, which achieve temporary color changes, but lemon juice can give you permanent results.

The pigment on the portion of your hair applies the lemon juice will be gone. You will get rid of this highlighted hair by cutting it off. For dyed hair, you will need lemon juice.

Take a lemon and squeeze out the juice from them in a bowl. Then pour this lemon juice into the spray bottle. Spray the lemon juice on your hair. With the help of a comb spread and separate the juice evenly through your hair.

You can also sit in the sun for a more even color. Leave the juice in your hair for an hour and then rinse off them. Repeat this remedy several times a day for getting the desired effect if necessary. 

7. Carrot Juice For Dyed Hair 

Carrot Juice For Dyed Hair

If you want to add a reddish-orange tint to your hair then carrot juice is the best remedy for you. Depending on the color of your hair this reddish-orange tint will last for a few weeks.

For dyed hair, you will need carrot juice and carrier oil. Take carrot juice with a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil. Then apply this mixture gently to your hair.

Then cover your hair with a shower cap. Leave the mixture on the hair for about an hour. Wear old clothes and gloves while you wait.

Because the orange juice will cause stains easily. Then rinse your and repeat this remedy the next day if you will not get the desired color. 

8. Dyed Hair With Amla And Henna Pack

Henna Pack

Amla and henna will work together when it comes to dyed hair naturally. It is not only excellent ingredients to give your hair condition and nourishment.

For a dyed hair mask, you will need 1 cup of fresh henna paste, 3 teaspoons of amla powder, 1 teaspoon of coffee powder,  gloves, and a brush.

Take a plastic bowl and mix amla, coffee powder, and henna paste. Gently mix them until you will get a smooth and consistent paste. Add some water if the pa-st is too thick.

Wear gloves and apply this dyed hair mask onto your hair with the help applicator brush. Make sure that all the gray parts are covered with the paste.

Leave this paste on your hair for an hour or until it dries up. Then rinse your hair mask with a mild free shampoo and condition your hair. Apply this remedy once a month for dyed hair. 

9. Cocoa 

Cocoa powder

Cocoa is another wonderful all-natural product that can be used to dyed hair darker naturally. It will darken your hair pretty subtly naturally. The cocoa will give a natural deeper tone to your hair.

Well, this remedy is not best for those with very light hair color, but it is one of the great for light to medium hair colors.

For a dyed hair mask, you will need half a cup of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and half a cup of plain yogurt.

Pour all the mixture into the bowl and gently mix them to make a smooth mixture. Then shampoo and rinse your hair before applying the paste.

Apply the paste throughout the hair evenly. Start applying the paste from your roots and then work your way through the tips to cover all your hair. Leave the cocoa mixture in your hair for three minutes.

Then rinse off your hair without using a shampoo. Alternatively, take a bottle of shampoo and remove half of the shampoo from the bottle.

Then fill the rest of the shampoo bottle with cocoa. Gently shake up the bottle to mix them well. Then use shampoo as often as usual. 

10. Honey And Vinegar

Honey And Vinegar

Honey and vinegar is the best-dyed hair remedy and helps to lighten your hair naturally. These simple recipes of honey and vinegar can give a natural light shade.

For dyed hair, you will need a cup of honey and a cup of distilled vinegar, 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon or cardamom, and 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

Take a bowl and mix raw honey with distilled vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and ground cardamom or cinnamon. Mix them together and make a smooth paste.

Before applying this dyed hair gently run your hair under the shower to get it damp. Now, gently divide your hair into sections and apply this honey paste to each of the hair sections from roots to tips.

Then wrap your hair with plastic and keep it wrapped by securing it with a shower cap.

Leave this mixture in your hair overnight, then rinse off your hair in the morning. Repeat this remedy the next day if you don’t get the desired result. 

11. Mustard Seed Oil For Dyed Hair

Mustard Seed Oil

When you think of darkening the hair with mustard seed oil, make sure that you are using cooking, but not the essential oil. Because the essential oil can cause skin irritation.

Well, this is one of the best ways to dyed hair naturally and gradually over time. The result of this remedy shows slowly but no damage will be done to your hair.

But the mustard seed oil does not smell better, so try this remedy at the evenings. This remedy is the best for all types of hair shades. For dyed hair pour the mustard seed oil into a bowl.

And place this bowl either microwave or in a pot on the stove. But make sure that the muster is not very hot, the oil only needs to be a bit above room temperature.

With the help of a hand, brush, or applicator apply the warm oil to your hair. Start doing this at the ends and work way up to the roots. Evenly apply the oil through all the hair.

After applying the oil form to the roots gently give yourself a scalp massage. Mustard oil will help to moisturize the scalp. With the help of a wide-toothed comb evenly distribute the oil in all hair.

Gently wrap yourself with the shower cap and leave the oil in your hair for about 2 hours. Then gently rinse your hair with shampoo. Repeat this dyed hair remedy 3 times a week. 

12. Ribbed Gourd 

Ribbed Gourd

The ribbed gourd is another best vegetable that will contain the ability to restore the pigment cells in your hair follicles. It will help you to dyed your hair naturally.

For dyed hair masks, you will need 1 cup of coconut oil and 1 cup of a chopped ribbed gourd. Take a ribbed gourd and chop them gently. Sundry the chopped ribbed gourd until the ribbed is completely dehydrated.

Soak dry ribbed pieces in a cup of coconut oil for three days. When the ribbed gourd dried well then boil the pieces of the dry ribbed gourd in the oil for 5-6 minutes.

Leave the mixture cool, then strain out, and collect the oil of ribbed gourd in a jar.

Take about 2 tablespoons of the oil, the quantity of oil will depend on your hair length. After applying oil into the hair give your scalp a gentle massage.

Work it into all your hair until it will cover from the root to tip. Leave the oil in your hair for 45 minutes and then rinse off your hair with the mild free shampoo. Repeat this remedy two to three times a week for getting the desired look.

13. Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses can help to restore the pigment in your hair follicles and help to reverse the hair graying process.

You will have to use the blackstrap molasses regularly over a period of at least three months to get the significant changes in your hair.

Alternatively, you can also consume two tablespoons of molasses every day for better results. For dyed hair, you will need a ¼ cup of blackstrap molasses.

Before applying this remedy rinse your with the warm water and then squeeze out the excess moisture from your hair. Then start applying the molasses on your hair from the root to the tips of your hair.

Evenly apply the molasses from the root to the tips of your hair and cover them entirely. But focusing mainly on your scalp while applying the molasses to your hair.

Leave the molasses in your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse off your hair with cool water and sulfate-free shampoo. 

What Is The Risk Of Regular Hair Dye?

hair dyed

“The traditional hair dyes are full of chemicals that can be toxic to your body.” According to one research, both the semipermanent and permanent oxidative hair dye penetrates the hair shaft.

These chemicals can potentially increase the cancer risk particularly bladder cancer and blood cancers like leukemia. But more studies are needed for this.

Even if the cancer risk of very low, then the harsh chemicals of traditional dyed hair will cause skin irritation and also damage the hair. So, if it is possible then use more natural hair dye for better hair health.  

Go ahead try these homemade recipes and dye hair without chemical.

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