Goth Makeup – Step By Step Goth Makeup Tutorial

Goth makeup is considered one of the key elements of any gothic look. The goth makeup look is a dark makeup style.

The gothic makeup look is one of the favorite looks among college girls or teenagers who love to wear the dark devilish look. This makeup look is a different genre of makeup that considers an extraordinary and sexy look.

So if you are willing to try something new and experiment with your look then the gothic makeup look is one of the best options for you. Check out the step-by-step goth makeup tutorial

What Is Goth Makeup?

What Is Goth Makeup

Before knowing about what is goth makeup need to know about goth. Goth is nothing but a subculture that followed in the united kingdom in the early 1980s. Therefore, it is also called 90s goth makeup. The people who had followed the goth subculture wear dark color dresses, dark eye-shadow, dark makeup, and dark lipstick. Henceforth, dark makeup became popular by the name of goth makeup.

What Are The Different Types Of Goth Makeup?

There are several types of goth makeup like bubble goth, hippie goth, romantic goth, & others more. Each different goth makeup look gives a new appearance. We have elaborated on some popular types of goth makeup at the end of this article. But read the goth makeup tutorial before knowing different makeup looks.

The goth makeup look is available in all of the types of makeup that can exist for other styles. One of the prominent options of goth look is eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadow. The nail polish, foundation, highlighters, and some other options are found as well as important in this. Like the other makeup styles, each type of goth makeup contains a specific use and also varies between brands. 

What Are The Best Goth Makeup Brands?

To learn the goth makeup tutorial, you will need the best goth makeup brands 2021.

These are the brands –

  1. Black Moon Cosmetics
  2. Rituel De Fille
  3. Fyrinnae
  4. Devinah Cosmetics
  5. Sugarpill
  6. KVD Vegan Beauty
  7. Necromancy Cosmetica
  8. Glam Goth Beauty
  9. Lethal Cosmetics
  10. Lunatick Cosmetic Labs
  11. My Pretty Zombie
  12. Baby Bat Beauty
  13. Concrete Minerals
  14. Melt Cosmetics
  15. Terra Moon Cosmetics
  16. Lime Crime
  17. Manic Panic

Goth Makeup Tutorial For Beginners

The goth makeup is not just about the makeup it is about so much more. Because when you are wearing the goth makeup you aren’t just wearing the makeup.

Instead, you make yourself a part of a lifestyle, attitude, and one of the most importantly the part of a group of like-minded individuals.

Wearing goth makeup can provide you the attitude because you instantly become a part of a large group of individuals who may have more than a rebellious streak in them.

Goth makeup is not only about the dark makeup look, black eyes, and lips. It has morphed from a signature look of the goth subculture into everyday style, yet very dramatic and sexy. You can also use this makeup every day by watching the everyday goth makeup tutorial videos.

You can also pair it with different lips and eye makeup, you can make it appropriate for lunch with friends as well as for the date night. If you are a beginner you will need goth makeup products that enhance your aesthetic beauty. You will need an eye palette, eyeliner, mascara, eye-mist, lipstick, and more.

Here is the step-by-step goth makeup tutorial

1. Choosing Makeup 

Choosing Makeup product

Most of the gothic makeup look is nearly a dead look, where their skin looks almost white and very pale. For creating this look it’s important to use a good foundation that acts as a base for your makeup.

So select a foundation that is two shades lighter than the skin tone that can give you a pale look that does not look cakey or so pale it looks like you are wearing a white mask.

So if you have a darker skin(1) tone then go with a two shades lighter foundation than your skin tone. Also, use white makeup pressed powder to apply over the foundation.

This will help you to get an ethereal, grayish skin tone without appearing just like you are wearing a white mask that is very different from your natural skin tone.

You should also go with the makeup primer, which often contains SPF. Because primer helps to prep the skin for the foundation and make your last longer.

Wear a primer that contains sunscreen because it will help you achieve a more pale look. Also, sunscreen will help to prevent your skin from tanning. 

2. Goth Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette

You should have the best dark eyeshadow palette to get the dark makeup look or goth makeup. A perfect dark smokey eye makeup can only be adhered to by a perfect eye shadow. Always invest in the best brand to do gothic eye makeup. So look for the eyeshadow which is dark in shades like red, blue, purple, and black. For the perfect goth look use deep color black or dark brown eyeshadow to go over your eyeliner. Here, we have found the highly rated goth eyeshadow palettes to create a more dramatic appearance.

  • Smashbox Cosmetics Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette in “Punked”

Invest in this punked eye shadow that has 8 different shades perfect for goth styles.

  • Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Vampira & Elvira Palette

Use this eye shadow to prepare for early goth culture as it has all essential gothic shadows.

  • Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette

This eyeshadow palette consists of shadows in red and purple. You can use this to get the romantic goth makeup or simple goth makeup look.

  • Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette in “Smokey”

Huda’s beauty eye shadow palette is best for creating dark smokey eyes. It includes black, brown, shimmery-grey, cream, and other shadow colors.

  • Black Moon Cosmetics Orb of Light Full Moon Palette

The outer body of this palette is designed as the shape of a half-moon. You will get matte shades of eye shadow colors in this eye shadow palette.

  • Kat Von D Beauty Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette

This eyeshadow features both dark and light eye shadow to get goth eye makeup.

3. Eyeliner Pencil

Eyeliner pencil

If you are a beginner and feel nervous about applying eyeliner, then try black eyeliner pencil for goth makeup.

Because eyeliner pencil is easy to apply and easily any mistakes can be adjusted with Q-Tips dipped in water or also the edge of your fingertips.  Choose your eyeliner pencil in black color that is long-lasting and non-smudging.

If you do not want the eyeliner to end up getting all over the face. Because it can look more of a raccoon rather than a gothic look. Use a smudgy or smoky kajal eyeliner on your waterline that can smudge easily. 

4. Liquid Eyeliner 


If you are confident with your pencil eyeliner and also want to try something new or if you want to try something then go with liquid eyeliner for goth makeup.

If you also have used liquid eyeliner before then you should look for black liquid eyeliner. Because liquid eyeliner can create a more defined line around the eyes and it also stays throughout the day.

If you tend to sweat or your eyes tend to water then consider a waterproof eyeliner for the perfect gothic look.

Waterproof eyeliner will ensure the eyeliner to state on eyelids also does not run down your cheeks or get on the other areas of the face.

5. Black Mascara

Black Mascara

Black mascara is a must for the gothic look because it will help to darken the eyes area and give you a more vampy look.

Go with black mascara that will help you to lengthen the lashes and add an extra shot of dark color to your eyes for a perfect goth makeup look. If you are into playing around with the color as part of the goth look, then you can go with the color mascaras.

In this, you can do with darker tones like red or blue. You can apply these tones of mascara to your bare lashes. You can also layer them on top of the black mascara for a fun and unique goth look. 

6. Use Dark Shades Of Lipstick

colorful lipsticks shades

The goth makeup look is not complete without dark lips. While pure and simple black lipstick looks great on you.

You can also play around with darker shades like maroon, dark purple, or dark red color lipstick.

If you decide to invest in several different dark shades of lipstick then you can alternate the shade of lipstick according to your mood. The color of lipstick can also be used to complement the current goth look for the specific day. 

How To Do Goth Makeup?

Let’s ready for the goth makeup step by step

1. Exfoliate And Moisturize

For the slick goth look, it is important, that you will exfoliate the skin with a foaming cleanser that can suit your skin. After gently exfoliating the skin apply toner to your face.

Because the foundation will look much flawless and better on that skin which is smooth and clean. After exfoliating and toning the skin apply facial moisturizer on your face it will give your skin a supple and hydrated look.

Moisturizer can help to prevent the dry patches that form on the skin throughout the day as you wear the goth makeup.

So if you want a 90’s gothic look that lasts longer then be sure to start by moisturizing the face with your favorite face cream. 

2. Apply Primer

applying primer

To ensure that your skin will stay young and damage-free, then always apply sunscreen on your face. Always choose sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.

Alternatively, choose a primer that contains SPF, so both products are in one package. Sunscreen can protect your skin from tanning and also give you a more pale skin-like goth look.

Choosing the right primer for goth makeup can help you to create a smooth canvas for the rest of the makeup application. A primer will also help your makeup look last longer.

If you have oily skin then go with matte finish primer. If you have dry skin the choice of primer according to your skin type.

Once you choose the right primer according to your skin type then apply a small amount of primer all over your face in one thin layer with the help of your fingertips.

You can also use the primer brush then gently blend the primer with the brush. If you want then you can also put the primer on your neck for protecting them from the sun if the primer contains SPF. 

3. Color Correct 

Before applying the foundation, apply a color corrector because it will help up to neutralize the appearance of any redness, dullness, or sallowness.

You might think that the concealer should come after the application of the foundation.

But actually applying color correcting concealers before foundation will give you an idea of how much the foundation you need to use to cover up any remaining imperfection. 

Choose the correct shade of concealer according to your skin tone. If you are new in color correcting them it may be a good idea to use a palette that contains multiple color correctors.

The palette can play around and help you to figure out what works best on your skin tone. 

4. Apply Foundation 

Foundation shades

Once you have a clean and smooth skin surface now it’s time for foundation. Take a makeup sponge and apply the foundation on your face with it.

You can easily find the makeup sponges at your nearby lock beauty supply store on the makeup aisle of a department store.

You can also apply the foundation by using your fingertips, but it is difficult to apply the foundation evenly with the fingers. Again, always choose the foundation that suits your skincare needs and concerns.

Then apply one thin layer of foundation on your skin and also make sure that you will get the foundation on areas that tend to get red, such as around the nose between the eyebrows and on the chin for perfect goth makeup.

Only apply one layer of foundation on your face because too much foundation on the face can make your face look cake.

Too much foundation looks like you are wearing a white mask as opposed to lightening the skin tone.

So squeeze some foundation on your makeup blender according to your skin tone and gently stipple onto your face Then gently it with the blender. 

5. Subtle Glow 

Whatever skin type you have always rocked with a luminous glow. If you want to soften your goth makeup look then squeeze a few drops of the glow-boosting drops onto the makeup blender.

Stipple some highlighter into your cheekbone’s jawbone and also into the tip of your nose. 

6. Apply Concealer 

Apply Concealer

Just because you want a perfect gothic makeup look than it doesn’t mean you want to walk around with your under-eye bags.

To brighten up the under-eye area apply the waterproof concealer under your eyes in an upside-down triangle for perfect goth makeup. With the help of your blend or makeup brush gently blend out the concealer. 

7. Set Your Goth Makeup With Powder

To keep your makeup and foundation in place all day long, use light face powder.

Apply a bit of translucent face powder on your face with the help of a powder pad.

But make sure that you will apply the powder to your entire face so your makeup does not risk getting runny or streak throughout the day. 

8. Apply Eyeliner

Apply Eyeliner

If you are using the eyeliner pencil then just simply line your eyes with the liner on the top and bottom of the lash line. For creating a goth makeup look try to create a distinct dark line around your lash line.

While if you are using liquid eyeliner then you can create a more intricate eyeliner style on your eyes. For example, you may create small wings that extend from your upper eyelids for a winged eyeliner look.

For this eyeliner look start applying eyeliner inside of the eyelid and then as you move outward, then also gently extend one inch past the corner of the eye. This will give you a more vampy goth makeup look.

If you have trouble drawing the wing with the liquid eyeliner then you can use first eyeliner pencils to draw the wing and then go over it with the liquid eyeliner. 

9. Apply Eyeshadow 

Apply Eyeshadow

Forgiving a more pinch look on your goth look you can choose a darker shade of eyeshadow for a goth makeup look.

Choose a dark shade of eyeshadow. Apply dark color eyeshadow on your eyes by using a make brush. Eyeshadow is one of the great ways to make the goth look to feel more unique to you.

For example, you may decide to apply a purple eye shadow on the lower eyelids and use black eyeshadow on your upper lids also around the eye creases. This will help you to create a dark look for your eyes. 

10. Put Mascara

Finish your goth eye look by applying black mascara to your eyelashes. Before applying mascara, curl your lashes. After curling the lashes, put one coat of mascara on them and let them dry.

Mascara will help your lashes better frame your eyes. After drying one coat of mascara apply another coat on mascara it will give you a darker look.

If your eyelashes are very light or have few eyelashes, then apply false eyelashes for giving your lashes more definition.

11. Perfect Your Brows

perfect shape your eyebrow

Remember that the ultra-defined brow is a relic of the past while nowadays it’s all about the full natural-looking brows.

If you also want to put some makeup on your eyebrows then use a darker brow pencil than your natural brow color.

For adding more drama to your goth look fill your aches by using the waterproof brow gel. Then make your eyebrow more pop by highlighting the underside with the highlighter.

Then apply the bronzer off your cheekbones lightly, also followed by highlights on the top of the cheekbones and also the center of the nose. Give some dramatic dash of color to your cheeks by applying a dark shade of blush in the goth makeup. 

12. Apply Lipstick 

Apply Lipstick

The last but not least, the most important step to completing the gothic look is lipstick.

Apply an ultra-dark purple or black lip liner around the top and bottom of the lips for a goth makeup look. You can also use a small makeup brush to apply lipsticks or apply them directly.

Then, fill the lips with corresponding dark lipstick or lip stain. If there is any imperfection then remove it with a q-tip from your eyes and lips. Run the q-tip under the lower lips to ensuring that the lipstick looks perfect. 

13. Use A Face Mist

The goth makeup looks best when it is clean, smooth, and smudge-free. So use face mist to set the makeup in place and also keep it looking fresh.

You can easily find the face mist at your local drugstore or in the beauty aisle.

The mist is also great for keeping the goth makeup skin hydrated, especially if you are living in a hot climate. 

Goth Eye Makeup Tutorial 

Here is the step by step goth eye makeup tutorial:

1. Apply Concealer, Compact, And Foundation

Apply Concealer,

Before applying any makeup gently clean your eyes. Then apply concealer and foundation on your eyes for goth makeup. Follow it up with a compact for getting flawless texture.

Before starting any makeup on the body, it’s very important, that your skin must be free from dirt, oil, or grime. If your pores have oil or sebum locked in them.

And also you are doing the makeup over it, then neither will you makeup sit and stay on your skin properly then your skin is not able to breathe.

That’s why make sure that your face is gently clean and dry from any hint of oil and dirt. 

2. Apply Silver Highlighter On Eyes

This is a 3 tier of makeup for achieving an easy and simple gothic look. Firstly take a silver highlighter and apply it on the brow bones with the makeup brush. Next, also use the same color highlighter at the eye nose junction. So, here follow the light to dark colors tier. 

3. Apply Burnt Shimmer Grey For the goth makeup look 

Grey Eye Makeup

After applying the highlighter take a burnt shimmery grey color from the goth eyeshadow palette.

With the help of a makeup brush apply the brunt shimmer grey color on the crease of your eyes just below the brow bones next for goth makeup.

Then gently blend the blunt shimmer grey color for the perfect goth eye makeup look. 

4. Apply Black Matte Eyeshadow 

Now is the time for a darker makeup look. Take some black matter eyeshadow on your makeup brush or blender and apply it on to the whole of the lid. Also, make sure that you are not forming wings.

Because the gothic look with a shadow wing is not a choice of the thing that you can generally find. Always remember that the highlighter color is apple under the brow bones, lighter color on the inner third of the eyes.

The medium-dark color applies to the center of the eyelid and the darker color on the outer thief or the eyes crease and under the eyes. Make sure that each of these eyeshadows blends into each other for a  seamless look and get perfect goth makeup. 

5. Apply Black Pencil Liner

Apply Black Pencil Eyeliner

Use a black pencil line or kajal on your waterline for a goth makeup look, and also make sure the lower rim of your eye is quite broad. This will give a special touch in your goth look. 

6. Apply Eyeliner

Be creative with your eyeliner flicks for perfect goth makeup. But if you are not confident with a simple cat eye then stay there. If you want then you can create all kinds of gothic designs that flick out from the outer corner of your eyes.

Well, using a dark eyeliner is really one of the safest bets. For the best result of gothic makeup, you can try a black liquid eyeliner.

The black eyeliner is the most popular weapon of the choice for those people who are looking to carry off the goth makeup look with the charm. However, if you don’t want to use black liquid eyeliner then you can also use jewel tones and white liquid eyeliners.

In gothic makeup is important to mention here you are using eyeliner. But be careful and not to circle your eyes with eyeliner.

Try to keep it on the outer three-quarters of the lash line to avoid making your eyes appear smaller. 

7. Apply Mascara

Apply Mascara

Apply heavy mascara for the perfect goeth look. Use mascara on top of the down way on the upper lashes and a zigzag form on the lower eyelashes.

Let them dry, then brush out any excess mascara or clumps of the mascara with the help of a mascara brush.

If your eyeliner and eyeshadow are black and you want something different on your gothic look then, you can also use red mascara or even blue mascara.

If you also want to boost your lashes then feel free to use good quality and good-looking fake eyelashes. For adding some curls to your lashes, curl your lashes with a lash curler and get perfect goth makeup. 

Amazing Goth Look

Who said this gothic makeup look is only for Halloween or do you belong to the specific subculture? Don’t listen to these people, if you are in the mood for some drama then apply the gothic makeup on your face. 

Here are some amazing gothic makeup looks that you can try to bring out the goth in you. So, check out these amazing goth looks. 

1. Gothic Makeup Look For Teenage

Goth Makeup

It is worth noting that there are lots of types of goth makeup look that teenagers love to adapt and also play with this look. But most gothic looks have some key elements that must always be present.

When it comes to the skin, it should be as clean and as white as possible. This is why you should employ a religious skin care routine in the order to achieve this.

The light foundation should even out your complexion nicely so that makeup looks perfect. The skin should be matte so make sure to use a lot of either the translucent or the white powder.

The lips should be dark so make sure to stack up on the red, purple, brown, or even black lipstick. Don’t worry about being a matter of gloss because this is only a matter of preference.

But if you don’t feel comfortable wearing the dark shades, then you can also go for the lighter shades like neutrals or nudes. As long as you have the personality to go with it, then a makeup look will be perfect.

As for the eyes, all rules are almost the same, darker the better. Accentuate the eyes with black eyeliners, eyeshadow, mascara, and pencils.

If you want then go with a little overbroad and play with the gothic eye look by adding some crazy colors in it or by making eye pop as much as possible.

False eyelashes or unusual contact will also be added in this case. So be creative with your look and play with your passion. 

2. Simple Goth Makeup

Whiter skin and even whiter skin tone are some of the most important steps in a goth makeup look. However, you can also go for high coverage of foundation after prepping the skin.

No blush, no counter, but this look needs a little a bit of the silvery highlighter. Because the highlighter can make your skin glow look real. For the simple goth makeup look the eye look is very simple.

In the simple look use, only grey eyeshadow over the entire eyelid and combine it with the winged eyeliner, then apply a few layers of mascara. The eye look of a simple goth makeup look is similar to the smokey eyes.

Then apply a black pencil to your waterline because it will make your eyelashes look more fuller. Finish your simple goth makeup look by applying red lipstick on your lips.

Then contour your lips with a red pencil and then apply on your lips hydrating, matte or metallic red lipstick.

This simple goth look looks like a vampire look that the gothic lovers will certainly adore. The simple goth look is popular nowadays. 

3. Pastel Goth Makeup 

Pastel Goth Makeup

The pastel gothic makeup is dark makeup with a pastel finish. The pastel goth makeup look is an effective way to change your entire look, but the pastel colors are difficult to make.

That’s why in the markets there are many specialized options, that can give you a high-quality finish look.  One of the first steps of a pastel goth makeup look is preparing the skin as well as possible.

For this use a good cleanser, moisturizer, exfoliator, and finally primer. After that apply foundation on the face evenly, use counting as lighter as your skin, and gently blend it with the help of a makeup blender or makeup brush.

Then apply a high coverage concealer in a light shade only. Apply it under your eyes and cover it with concealer. Fix your concealer with the translucent powder and your skin nicely.

The second step is based on an eye look with pastel colors. For the pastel eye makeup use powdery shades of pink, green. purple or any other that you like to fancy and play.

But make sure that you gently blend all colors for a perfect look. The crate nicely has cat-eye-like shapes. Finish off with the winged shape eyeliner and some false eyelashes.

For the perfect lips, you can use matte berry color or dark red color. Firstly make sure to contour your lips with a pencil in a similar color and then apply some lip balm before applying lipstick.

Because lip balm can help you to prevent lip cracking. If you want then you can also create an ombre effect by applying some darker shades of lipstick in the corners of the lips and a lighter shade in the center of the lips.

4. Soft Goth Makeup look With Black Lipstick  

Soft Goth Makeup Look With Black Lipstick

Going bold with both eyes and lips is okay for the goth look. However, such looks most likely are not wearable.

You can adjust it a little bit with the casual environment, for this one of the best options is a soft goth makeup look. For achieving this gothic look, you need to accentuate the lips with a black or off-black color lipstick.

And for the perfect eye makeup, you need to do a lot of blending. Use brownish eyeshadows for your eyes.

And create a gradual transition from the light beige color in the inner corner of the eyes and deep chestnut in the outer one through the rose taupe on the lid. 

5. Modern Goth Makeup With Red Lips 

The red color looks attractive by default. The red lipstick is one of the gothic girl makeup staples. You can own at least four shades of red color for getting the right goth makeup.

After all, you can not wear black color lipstick in grocery stores. So you can use red lipstick for your pin-up look too.

For pulling off the sexy goth makeup look, go with this flamboyant shed on your eyes and lips. 

6. Detailed And Elegant Goth Makeup 

Elegant Goth Makeup

The first step for this detailed and elegant goth makeup look is using the foundation on the face for pale skin. After applying foundation evenly on the face then add a little bit of contour on it.

This will help to make the face look more angular and it looks more gothic. Also, apply a smoke highlighter on your face, then apply some powder under your eyes, chin, and forehead with the help of a powder pad to set the makeup.

For the perfect eye, this detailed and elegant goth makeup look needs a little bit more complex but still double. So start with a lighter shade of purple color eyeshadow on the crease of the eyelids.

After applying in the crease then fill the entire lid with dark berry shades. Also, follow the same patterns on the lower lid of the eyes. Then gently blend the eyeshadow with patience.

Then apply black pencil on your waterline and some false eyelashes for creating a wow effect. Also, brush through your brows with the pool for a perfect look.

The lipstick in their look should be in perfect agreement with the eyes for this to apply a similar dark berry matte shade lipstick on your lips. You can also use the burgundy color.

If you like then you can also use a black lip because it’s all about the preferences. But don’t forget to contour the lips because contouring lips can give your lipstick a perfect shape. 

7. Dotted Liner For The Resting Bitch Face

For the botted liner goth makeup look firstly apply foundation on your face for the matte base. Then set your foundation with the translucent powder and hide dark circles.

Fill your eyebrows with the natural black eyebrow pencil for creating dark and fuller brows. Then apply deep black kajal on the upper lid and create sharp wings.

On the lower lash line just draw tiny dots within the kajal for creating a dotted goth eye look. Then rock with the nude lipstick and let your eyes will do all the talks.

8. Natural Goth Makeup Look for Everyday

Natural Goth Makeup

Don’t feel shy to show off beautiful natural goth makeup every day. For the natural makeup look firstly apply some foundation on your face for flawless skin.

Then apply the dark matte lipstick to a neutral lip gloss and now here you go.

But if you are still unsure whether this look is appropriate for the daytime, then add a pop of color to your eyes and also your cheeks. Now your perfect natural goth makeup look for every day is ready. 

9.  Romantic Gothic Makeup Look 

Maybe the softer side of the goth makeup look can appeal to you, then this look is one of the best ways to reflect that soft side. This makeup looks for those goth women who prefer a romantic and feminine look.

If you like a dewy look to your skin then don’t hide your skin under the heavy foundation. Only even out the imperfections with the concealer if necessary and lightly dust some translucent powder.

Apply deep pink and sparkling white eyeshadow and use black eyeliner pencils on your waterline and liquid liner for giving the shades of midnight.

You can go with various types of shades of purple from light lavender to violet.

Well, the red and black lipstick is always food for the goth look but you can also try some pale pinks which closely match your natural lip color.  

10. Goth Makeup With The Purple Lipstick

Goth Makeup With The Purple Lipstick

With the purple lipstick, you can create myriad goth makeup looks. It will be done by just simply changing your eyeshadow color.

You can also sport a new makeup style every day. So don’t limit yourself to the natural makeup looks only.

Try out to put some different colors and combine them with your purple lips and create a unique goth makeup look. 

Go ahead and try these goth makeup looks. If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help in spreading it or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you! Also, let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

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