How To Braid Hair? Simple Tutorials That Even Beginner Can Follow

Wondering how to braid hair when you are at home? Are you get bored with your simple ponytail hairstyle and want to do some creativity with your hair? Then braids your hair and get a stunning look that fits in every occasion, either it’s a prom, wedding, office, or just casual meet.

Braiding your hair is a great way to keep your hair off the face and it also looks fashionable. You can also try hair undercut if you are not a big fan of braids

Nowadays there are a variety of braids like dutch, mermaid, french, fishtail braids, etc. Braids not only secure your hair from pollution but also from dirt, and sun damage. You can use simple methods to keep shiny hair even when you are use braid regularly.

If you are a beginner in the world of braiding and want to braids your hair, then read this blog till the end. Because in this post, I am sharing some tips on braid hair with different braiding hairstyles that will make you look more glamorous.

Top 9 Braid Hairstyles

1. How To French Braid Your Own Hair

French Braid

Gently comb your hair and detangle all the knots. Start the first section of your braid to the closest from the forehead. Separate your hair into the three sections in equal size.

Start braiding your hair and add more hair to each side of your hair and cross the hair over to each other. Braid your hair at the end of your head then secure your braid with the elastic.

2. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids

This is one of the cute and easy hairstyles and wears casual clothes with this braid. This hairstyle adds fullness to your hair and also the back of the head.

Before doing a dutch braid hairstyle gently combs your hair and detangle it for avoiding any damage to your hair.

With the help of the comb or your fingers make three sections of your hair from the forehead to the end of the head. Braid your hair like a reverse french braid then secures your braid with elastic. Lemonade Braids is similar to french braid so that is worth trying.

3. Braided Bun

Close up portrait of pretty african woman looking away and smiling with naked shoulders

Gently comb your hair and detangle all your knots. Divide your hair into the two-section from the center of the head.

Grab the left section of hair and create dutch braids from the nape of your neck to the crown of your head and secure your hair. Grab the left section and create the dutch braid the same as the right section.

Then create both side dutch braids from the front of your head end to the other braid and make a ponytail with the remaining hair. Then twist the loose hair using two buns on both sides to have a braided bun hairstyle

4. Waterfall Braid

Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

How to braid hair like a pro? Grab your brush and gently brush your hair. After detangling your hair start braiding your hair. Grab the section of hair in front of the heads and split the section into three smaller pieces and start braiding.

The first incorporated add a little more hair into the right strand then crossover the middle strands. Then go with the left strand and grab some new hair to replay it.

It will create a cascading effect that looks and known as the waterfall braid. Braid your hair and wraps it around the head then secure your hair with an elastic and some bobby pins.

5. How To Braid Hair With Ponytail

ponytail braids

Gently comb your hair and detangle it. Divide your crown hair into three sections and then grab the right section and create a dutch braid. Then take the middle hair from your head and create a french braid.

Now take the left side hair and create a dutch braid and secure the braid with the elastic. Then grab all your hair and make a high ponytail with the help of elastic. Now your ponytail braid is ready. 

6. Triple Braided Bun 

 Triple Braided Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the best wedding hairstyles that can help to lighten your simplest of dresses. With its simple triple braided updo with the colorful flower crown.

In this hairstyle, even you don’t need to worry about your hairstyle drooping or unraveling throughout the day.

For creating this hairstyle you need a paddle brush, hair elastics, bobby pins, a flower crown, and a light hair spray. 

How to braid hair using triple braid

Before braids hair gently brush your hair and detangle all the knots. Then divide your hair into three sections and at the back of the head make 3 ponytails right next to each other.

Simply braids your both ponytail into the 3 and gently desire both braids hair ends with the hair elastic. Then your left side braids hair and wraps it around the base of the other two braids.

Secure the braided hair to your head with the help of bobby pins. Roll the other two braids around the first braid hair to style these braids into one bun.

Then secure this braids hair onto your head with lots of bobby pins. For adding more look to braid hair palace the flower crown around the base of the bun hairstyle.

Then secure the crown in place with the help of the bobby pins. Finish the braided hairstyle but spritz some light hair hold spray on your braids. 

7. Half Up Half Down Fishtail Crown Braids 

Fishtail Crown Braid Hairstyle

Braid your hair half up half down with an upgraded fishtail braid. Gently comb your hair before doing half up half down fishtail crown braids.

Gently split your hair into two and turn it into a crown braids hair for a braided half-up hairstyle.

It will make for a delicate half up half down hair look, so if you are already mastered the fishtail braid then it will take a just few minutes to create the half up half down braids.

Gently pins all your braids hairstyle in the place with the help of the bobby pins for the vibe elegant t and polished hair look.

8. How To Braid Hair In Traditional Braid

Traditional Braid Hairstyle

Well, the braided hair goes a lot faster when you’re all hair knot-free. Because the comb is able to pull easily through the length of the hair.

If your hair is thick or layered hair, then use a bit of water or leave the conditioner to dampen your hair first. Because this will make it easier to handle.

Start braid hair when it is damp or dry because the damp hair has a very smooth and tight appearance to your braid hair. While the dry hair will give you a messier braid hair look.

After damp your hair let it dry for at least 20 minutes before you will start braided hair. However, wet hair easily gets fragile and breaks.

If you want to braid your hair dry then it’s better to do it a few days after washing, so that your braid is not clean and also slick. Slightly oily hair will hold the braid better than clean hair so you will have fewer flyaways.

Just start with the secure base to braid hair. If you tie your hair into a ponytail or in a half ponytail with a hair tie, then your braid becomes easier to handle and also turns out a little neater.

Once you will get the hang of it, then try to start braiding loose hair at the nape of the neck.

Divide The Sections

Genty divide your hair into three even sections. Now, these will be the three strands of your hair, and also try to make each strand as even as possible.

Grab the right section in your right hand and the left section of your into the left hand, letting the middle section of your hair hang free for a now. In your right and left hands.

Gently hold the hair strands so that you are grasping them against the palm with your middle finger, ring finger, and also little fingers. And keep your index fingers and thumb free. 

How To Braid Hair

If your hair strands are started out as the ABC, then it should now be ordered as the BAC. With the help of your left-hand index finger and thumb grab the middle section of your hair.

By using your right-hand index finger and thumb gently left the section of hair that you grasped against your left palm. The left-hand section is now in the middle section.

Now cross the right section of your hair over the middle section of the hair. So, the strands that are now ordered BAC will become BCA.

The left hand will shift the strands that are between your index finger and also the thumb so that other fingers are holding it secure against the palm.

Now, grab the section of your hair that’s being held against your right palm with your left index finger and also the thumb.

Now the right-hand section is holding the middle section. In step 4 and step 5 in this braid hair technique are called a sequence or the stitch. Now, continue braid hair in this manner.

Keep using the free index finger and thumb of one hand to grab the back section of the hair from your other hand. So, tighten the braid as you will go, and now keep all the tension even for all 3 sections of your hair.

It’s best to gently pull down your braid as you weave.

Repeat this action until you will run out of space to braid, but leave about the 1-3 inches end of the hair. 

Secure Your Braid 

Secure the end of the braid with the help of non-rubber hair elastic. Avoid using rubber bands because it will damage your hair and it will also be difficult to remove at the end of the day.

Whenever it is possible then use a ponytail holder which is the same in color as your hair. Or you can use the translucent so that it will blend in your braid hair.

It will help to make your braid hair look more natural. Set your braid look with the help of hairspray. It will help you help your braid from developing any flyaways as that goes on.

Hold the hairspray just about 12 inches away from your head and also lightly mist the entire length of the braid hair.

Always use hairspray before adding and hair ornaments into your hair. For protecting your braid hair at night you can also use the nourishing oil.  

9. Pull Through Braid

 Pull Through Braid Hairstyle

Braid your hair perfectly with the pull-through braid. This hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles for those who have fine texture hair. Because this gorgeous braid hair will help to add volume to your hair.

The pull-through of this braid is an ultra-trendy braid that will involve tying up your hair into a bunch of the ponytail and pulling the hair strands through each other and creating a braided effect.

To braided hair all you need is hairbrush and hair elastics

How To Braid Hair Using Pull through

Before braided, your hair gently combs hair and removes all the knots and detangle your hair. Pick up a section of the hair from the top of the head and gently tie your hair into a ponytail.

Now pick up another section of the hair just right under the first ponytail and gently tie it into another ponytail. Now split the first ponytail hair in half.

Gently bring the two sections of the ponytail together under the first ponytail. So. that your second ponytail is encased between them now tie all of them with the help of hair elastic.

Then gather the same hair and tie a third ponytail just under the second ponytail. Gently split the second ponytail in the hang and bring the ends of these ponytails together underneath the third of your ponytails.

Gently tie all of them with the hair elastic. Keep repeating this action until you will run out of hair to tie into the additional ponytail.

At this point, only 2 ponytails are hanging that loose at the nape of your neck. Now give the final stitch of pull with the braiding. Finish braided hair by spraying hair spray

Go ahead and learn how to braid hair with these braiding hairstyles and get a stunning look for any occasion. You should know hair care mistakes when you use braids regularly.

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A – Braid of hair is a type of stylish hairdo which is formed by twisting of the hair. It is the most simple and trendy way to tie your hair and keep them away from your face on hot and sunny day.

A French Braid is a quite stylish and easy hairstyle that looks amazing on any woman. Though it is quite similar to traditional braids. But when it comes to French braid, we use 3 sections of hair to create a braid. The main key is to add your hair on every section while braiding.

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