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Black Eye Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Black Eye? Black eyes are one of the most annoying things that down your all appearance. It can make your whole eye black, or just affect the area below your eyes.

When the fluids collect in the space around the eyes it causes swelling, puffiness, bruising, and makes it difficult to open the eyes.

Some Symptoms of black eyes are:- pain around the eyes and headache or may vision blur temporarily. There are also so many reasons that make your eye black some are, any injury on your face, medical issues, cosmetic surgery.

If you want to get rid of black eye and do not want to resemble a panda’s then read this blog.

Because in this article, I will share with you some natural remedies that help you to get rid of black eye at home without any side effects.

So let’s have a look at some homemade remedies for black eyes.

What Is a Black Eye? 

What Is a Black Eye

The black eye is a clinical known periorbital hematoma. Though it is more difficult to pronounce, this medical term more accurately describes the condition.

The black eye is often the result of an injury to the face, which leads to bruising around the eyes. If any blunt force the trauma to the eye sockets or areas around it can damage small blood vessels under the skin.

It will cause them to leak blood which can lead to the development of a black eye. This will happen because the facial skin around the eye sockets are relatively very thin and also transparent.

Just slight pooling of the blood can result in a very noticeable discoloration. Also, since the tissue of the area is relatively loose, fluid leaking from blood vessels easily that will accumulate around the eye.

Which results in a puffy black eye. Keep reading to know how to get rid of black eye.

What Are The Causes Of Black Eyes?

What Are The Causes Of Black Eyes

Black eyes are usually the result of an accident, while in an accident the object will strike the area around the eyes.

These accidents will occur for countless reasons, from playing sports to simply walking into something.

Some other common causes include:

Injury: When your face gets injured, then tiny blood vessels under your skin tend to burst and it will leak blood. This causes a black bruise around your eyes. The injury of the face will result from being hit by any object. 

Cosmetic Surgery: In some cases, a black eye is also caused by cosmetic surgery. Or some dental work had been done and it might last for several days. 

Medical issues: Balck eye is not dangerous and it is often a result of bruising. However, in some cases, the black eye is a sign of more serious underlying medical complications.

For example, bruising around the eyes is the indication of a skull fracture of some other injury of the head. 

Whatever the reason behind the black eye it will be treated with some home remedies. So keep reading to know how to get rid of black eye. 

Black Eye Symptoms 

Black Eye Symptoms

Black eyes come with few symptoms and some other than the nasty-looking bruise, they are typically mild. So, let’s have a look at these symptoms:

  • Having pain and swelling around the eyes and also the eye socket can be severe enough for the eye to swell shut.
  • Discoloration around the eyelids and also eye socket that may begin as simple redness. That will progress to black and get blue bruising. 
  • Having a blurred vision for a short time
  • Having mild headaches or neck pain that may also occur after a blow to the head

Natural Remedies For Black Eye

The black eye is caused when the tissues are bleeding around the eyes. It can be often caused by a blow or sort of trauma to the eyes. Black eyes another name is shinner and the medical name is a periorbital hematoma.

1. Get Rid Of Black Eye With Ice

Get Rid Of Black Eye With Ice

Apply ice cubes or anything that lowers the temperature around the affected area of the eyes, apply this within the first 24 to 48 hours of the injury.

Ice can slow down the blood flow in the black eye area and also decrease the pain and swelling. Place the ice into the plastic bag or gently wrap in the towel.

Do not apply directly ice on the affected area. Apply the ice on the affected area for 10 to 20 minutes, but do not press your eye. Repeat this process several times a day until you get rid of black eye.

2. Get Rid Of Black Eye With Cayenne Pepper And Vaseline

Get Rid Of Black Eye With Cayenne Pepper And Vaseline

The cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which makes it a great natural remedy for the people who suffer from a black eye.

Because the pepper is contained pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties which can relieve the pain around the eyes. Mix 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder with 5 teaspoons of vaseline and make a smooth paste.

Apply this mixture on your black eyes and eye down black mark. Then rinse it off with water after an hour. Use this remedy twice a day for better results. 

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best homemade remedies that effectively treat a black eye. Because it contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that soothe the affected eye.

Gently massage your eye with the coconut oil it can help for clearing the blood clots under the black eye. Do this before going to bed.

4. Arnica


Arnica is an important part of alternative medicine. It is a great remedy for sprains, bruises, joint pains, muscle aches, and wounds.

Because it is an excellent source of flavonoids that alleviate the pain and inflammation from the black eye.

Apply arnica oil into the affected area 2 to 3 times a day, it will heal the damaged tissues and help you to get rid of the black eye.

5. Get Rid Of Black Eye With Potato

Get Rid Of Black Eye With Potato

Raw potato is a great source of enzymes that can dissolve the blood clots easily. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that relieve the inflammation and swelling around the black eyes.

Cut the raw potato in a slice and place it into the affected area. Then remove it after 20 minutes. Do this 3 to 4 times a day until you get rid of the black eye. 

6. Warm Compress

Warm Compress

A warm compress is one of the great options to relieve the pain as well as it helps to improve blood circulation. It also helps in getting rid of the blood clots under the eye.

This will also help to heal and pain by increasing the blood flow into the eye area. When the swelling has gone down in a few days then apply a warm compress to get rid of black eyes.

For this, you will need a small towel and one large bowl. Gently fold up the towel then place the towel in the bowl. Then boil the water and let them cool down.

Fill the bowl of the towel with the bot water but make sure not to boil water. Wring out the towel and then fold it into a square. Then apply this warm compress to your black eye.

Keep it on the affected area for 5 to 10 minutes and then gently remove it. Repeat this remedy twice for a faster recovery. 

7. Egg White 

Egg White

The white part of an egg is capable of tightening the skin around the eye and it also reduces inflammation.

When the witch hazel is mixed with the egg white as a supplement then this remedy will become one of the best remedies for the black eye.

For this remedy, you will need an egg, a bowl, clean water, a clean piece of cloth, and witch hazel. Break an egg and separate the egg white of the eggs. Gently beat the white part of the eggs until it turns stiff.

Add a few with hazel in the egg and gently mix it. Before applying the mixture gently clean the affected area with the clean water and let them dry.

Apply this mixture to the black eye and leave for 30 minutes or dry up. Then rinse it off with clean water. Repeat this remedy 3 times a day until you get rid of black eye. 

Medical Treatment

Usually, black eyes do not require any medical treatment, it will get rid of by using a simple home treatment such as acetaminophen and ice.

If the black eye suspects a more serious injury, for example, fractures to the bones of the face, then the doctor will refer the person to a specialist. This may be:

  • If the injury suspected in the brain and skull then they refer to then refer to the neurosurgeon 
  • If the injury appears in the eye then an ophthalmologist 
  • Ears, throat, and nose a plastic surgeon or other specialists if the face injuries occur or serious cuts. 

How Long Does A Black Eye Last?

How Long Does A Black Eye Last

Generally, black eyes will take about 2 weeks to heal. But it might take more or less time which may depend on:  

  • The severity of eye injury 
  • Age
  • Overall health condition 
  • How you take care of the  black eye

Black Eye Healing Stages

During the black eye healing process, the color of the eye will change. Then it means the body will be reabsorbing the blood under the skin. Here is what the black eye healing stages look like:

  • At the time of eye injury, the eye area will look red because of the blood pools under the skin. 
  • Day 1 to 2 of injury the hemoglobin in the blood will break down, which makes the skin look bluish purple-black. In the affected area, there is a lot of swelling. 
  • Day 2 to 10 the body will clear up the old blood and the black eye will turn yellowish-green in color. Also, the swelling will get better. 
  • Day 10 to 14 black eye will change the color and it will look yellowish or light brown
  • After day 14 black eye completely rid of. 

Here are some tips on how to get rid of black eye fast.

1. Elevate The head: when you are not sleeping but still keep your head elevated. This will help the blood flow to the heart instead of just pooling in the eye area. 

2. Avoid pressure: When you are using ice or warm compress to get rid of black eye, then don’t press on your black eye. Also, be gentle when you are massaging it. 

3. Rest: When you get injured then take a  break from the spots and also other activities that pose a risk for eye injuries. 

How To Prevent Black Eyes

Since, most people experience a black eye as the result of the trauma, if you want to reduce the risk of experiencing trauma.

Also wearing seatbelts is important since facial injuries are common during motor vehicle accidents. Here are some prevention tips to get rid of black eye.

  • Make sure that the rugs and carpets are well palaces in the home without any wrinkles to avoid tripping on them.
  • If you indulge in activities like boxing, martial arts or any other contact sports then wear protective gear for safety. 
  • Always wear a helmet while riding a bike or cycling. 
  • Always wear goggles for protection if you are involved in activities like gardening or woodwork.

When To See Doctor

When To See Doctor

Well, black eyes heal normally and it will not require any medical intervention. But in some cases, it can be a sign of a more serious health issue.

In this condition, the black eye needs medical attention. One of the biggest concerns with any head injury is to ensure that there is no skull fracture.

No hematoma that is affecting important structures such as the eyes and also no bleeding or swelling within the brain. There are a number of symptoms that may indicate these complications that are present.

If the black eyes don’t heal after the 2 weeks, then consulting with the doctor is necessary. If the following condition occurs, then you will need urgent medical attention:

  • Bleeding from the ears or nose
  • Having blood on the surface of the eye or feeling difficulty to move eyes. 
  • Having two black eyes may indicate a fracture in the skull.  
  • A loss of consciousness at the time of an accident or after the accident
  • Having seizures or vomiting
  • Having persistent vision problems 
  • Seeing double vision 
  • Feeling that something is in the eye 
  • Having headaches that last more than 2 days

Go ahead and try these homemade natural remedies and get rid of black eye at home.

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