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How To Remove Moles

How to get rid of moles? We do not leave any stone unturned for having a beautiful, youthful, and appealing glow. But, having moles on our faces can stop us from getting that charm.

Well, moles are not harmless and they also do not create any health issues. Sometimes the moles are end ups as a beauty spot, but they bother us when they raise against the beauty.

There are many medical treatments that are available that easily remove moles, but they are so expensive and also contained side effects.

So now the question is arise how to remove moles without any side effects and naturally? In this article, I will share some natural remedies that remove these moles naturally and safely.

So let’s have a look at some easy and safe remedies to get rid of moles.

What Are The Moles?

What Are The Moles?

Mole has accumulated pigment cells that can appear as dark spots on the skin. Most people are having between 10 to 40 moles on their body. Usually, Moles are developing in the upper of the skin and also lower layers of the skin.

Usually, moles occur on the face, legs, arms, and neck. But in some cases, moles also occur beneath the nails, on the toes, and on the scalp. The color, size, and shape of the mole vary depending on person and person.

Moles are totally harmless but sometimes they become cancerous. So, if a person has a cancerous mole, then medical insurance will typically cover the cost of the removal.

There are many ways to get rid of moles some people believe that home remedies can work. Well, there is no formal studies have been carried out on their effectiveness, safety, or potential side effects.

But it is essential that anyone who is considering getting rid of moles by using home remedies then first talks to their dermatologist. Before know how to get rid of moles check out the causes of moles.

What Are The Causes Of Moles 

  • The overactive melanocytes in the body can produce an excess amount of melanin that can give rise to the mole. 
  • Usually, males on the skin are caused due to excessive exposure to the sunlight. The pigmentation of the skin cell propagates and it also spreads to the other areas of the body with the overexposure that can lead to mole formation. 
  • The overproduction of oil glands or overactivity of the sebaceous can lead to the formation of the moles. Moles are usually yellow and also feel rough when you touch. 
  • Some moles are present from the time of birth while the other moles occur during puberty and pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the body. 

Natural Remedies To Remove Moles

Moles are the clusters of skin cells that are not equally spread in the skin. Moles are developed in the lower and upper layers of the skin.

The shape, color, and size of the mole are different according to the person. Usually, they are red, pink, black, and brown.

They can appear anywhere on the skin, but they usually appear on the neck, arms, legs, and face. Here are the home remedies to get rid of moles naturally

1. How To Get Rid Moles With Moles Pineapple

Pineapple juice To Remove Moles

How to get rid of moles with juice? Pineapple juice acts as an ointment when it comes to clearing the dead cells and impurities of the skin.

It is a great source of citric acid which lightens the skin and removes the pigmentation from the skin which leads to the moles. Take fresh pineapple and cotton ball then soak a cotton ball into the pineapple.

Apply the juice to the affected area and cover it with a bandage or tape. Leave it for a few hours then rinse it off with normal water. Repeat this action daily for faster results.

2. Garlic


Garlic is the most common kitchen ingredient found in everyone’s house. How to get rid of moles with garlic. It is the best most tries and best remedy for treating and removing the moles naturally.

Garlic is a great source of enzymes that can easily dissolve the cells of clusters that cause moles and lighten the dark moles. If you feel a burning sensation then avoid this remedy.

Make a smooth paste of garlic cloves and apply them on the moles before going to bed. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water in the morning. Try this remedy daily until it mole falls off.

3. Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a great remedy that can easily remove scars, spots, moles, and blemishes from the skin. It is a natural skin exfoliator that removes the skin dead cells around the moles.

How to get rid of moles without leaving any scars. Baking soda doesn’t tend any marks and scars after removing moles. When it mixed with the castor oil it becomes a more powerful remedy, because castor oils combined all the nutrients which treat all skin problems.

Add a few drops of castor oil in the baking soda and mix them well. Before applying this remedy gently clean your face, then dab the mixture on the mole. After a few hours rinse it gently. Apply this remedy regularly until the mole is a getaway. It is also a great remedy for skin tags.

4. How To Get Rid Moles With Apple Cider Vinegar

 Apple Cider Vinegar To Remove Moles

How to get rid of moles with ACV. Apple cider vinegar contains anti-inflammatory properties that remove the moles easily by burning them slowly which causes the scab into the mole and falls off it.

It is the best safe natural remedy because it contains antibacterial properties that relax all infections. Take an apple cider vinegar and dip a cotton ball on it then apply to the mole.

Cover it with a bandage for 2 hours, then remove the bandage and rinse off with normal water. Apply this remedy at least daily until it removes moles.

5. Coriander Leaves

Coriander Leaves

How To get rid of moles at home? Coriander leaves contain acids and essential oils which cure various skin related problems.

It can also cut the process which develops unwanted ugly moles on the face. Blend coriander leaves with seed and makes a smooth paste.

Apply this paste to the affected area and leave it as long as possible. Then rinse it off with water apply this remedy regularly until moles fall on its own and do not force it out.

6. How To Remove Moles With Banana Peels

How To Remove Moles Banana Peels

How to get rid of moles by using banana peels. Banana is a powerful fruit that contained all health benefits. But this fruit is not only great for health the peel of this fruit is also powerful itself.

The banana peel is contained enzymatic and antifungal properties which remove the moles and make your skin scar-free. It may not give you instant results, but it is great for the skin.

Scrap the pulp portion of the banana peel. And apple onto the moles before going to bed, then rinse it off in the morning. Repeat this process until it removes the moles.

7. How To Get Rid Moles With Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

How to get rid of moles with tea tree oil? Tea tree oil contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties which make them a great remedy for moles.

It has been used for centuries to treat skin problems like skin tags, moles, and warts. Tea tree oil can remove the mole with there shallow roots without causing and scars on the skin.

Take a tea tree oil and dab cotton ball on it. Before applying this remedy gently clean the mole and surrounding area.

Keep the soak cotton ball on moles as possible repeat this method 2-3 times a day until it removes the moles. Skip this remedy if tea tree oil is not suitable for your skin.

8. How To Get Rid Moles With Iodine Solution

How To Remove Moles Iodine Solution

How to get rid of moels naturally Iodine is a natural and effective remedy that can easily remove moles and skin tags. Because it destroys the melanocyte cell naturally that caused the moles.

Before applying Iodine gently clean the mole. After applying iodine wrap it with a bandage and leave it overnight.

Do this process daily until the mole flake off. Apply vaseline petroleum jelly surrounding of moleskin to prevent skin discoloration.

9. Flaxseed Oil 

Flaxseed Oil

If you are thinking about how to get rid of Moles naturally. Then, this is also another effective remedy from your kitchen cabinet to get rid of moles from your face and body.

Flaxseed oils are used to improve skin texture naturally. It also helps you to get rid of blemishes and freckles. Flaxseed oil can also work similarly to get rid of moles as well.

The essential fatty acids that are present in the fatty acids can help to possess the wound of healing properties. While mixing honey with the flaxseed can tends to curve the moles faster.

Honey can also nourish your skin because it is a natural moisturizer. For making this remedy you need 2-3 drops of honey and 2-3 drops of flaxseed. Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients gently.

Then apply a thick of this mixture on your moles. Leave the mixture for an hour over the moles. Then rinse it off with water and let them pet dry.  Apply this remedy twice a day until you get the desired result. 

10. How To Get Rid Moles With Onion Juice 

Fresh onion

Does onion can help you to get rid of moles? Yes, onion juice is another excellent and painless remedy to remove moles as same as garlic paste.

Onions are also loaded with all properties that are beneficial for the skin. The natural acids that are present in the onion can help you to get rid of moles in a few days.

Using onion juice to remove moles is relatively safe unless you are allergic to it. For this remedy, you need only ¼ onion. Take an onion and gently grate them and extract all the juice.

Then apply the onion juice to the moles and leave form more than half an hour. After half an hour gently rinse it off with cold water. Repeat this remedy 2-3 times a day until you get rid of moles.

If you want, then you can also add some salt or apple cider vinegar to the onion in equal proportions to remove the moles. 

Does Getting Rid Of Moles Are Harmful?

Does Getting Rid Of Moles Are Harmful

Getting rid of moles at home by using natural ways sounds pretty easy and convenient. Many people might be tempted to try home remedies to avoid visiting the dermatologist’s office.

Well, there is no evidence available that home treatments for mole removal can work, and also some of them can be dangerous.

Some studies, have reported that mole removal creams, which are available on the drugstores and also online stores can cause the side effects on the body.

These mole removal creams can cause thick scars to form in the area of the mole. Also cutting a mole off with a sharp object like a razor blade and scissors carries risks.

Because cutting off any growth will increase the risk of infections, especially if the tool that your use to cut moles is not properly sanitized. It can also create a permanent scar where the mole once was.

A mole on the skin could be melanoma. If you don’t have a dermatologist test of the mole and it is cancerous, it could be spread throughout the body and it may become life-threatening. 

When To See A Doctor 

When To See A Doctor

If the moles bother you and you thinking about how to get rid of moles safely, then firstly see a dermatologist. Also, see the doctor if your moles have changed color it could be a sign of cancer.

You should be aware of the signs of skin cancer. If you see the one or more following signs in your moles, then visit a doctor for an examination. 

  • The irregular shape of the mole
  • Changing color of moles
  • The diameter of moles larger than ¼ inch
  • Irregular  moles border
  • Rapidly changing shape or size of moles

Doctors can do a biopsy removing a small piece of the mole to test them under a microscope to know if the moles are cancerous. Well, dermatologists use two safe and effective methods to get rid of moles.

With the surgical excision, doctors will numb the area around the moles and then gently cut out the whole mole. After removing the moles’ doctor can stitch or suture the wound closed.

While with the surgical excision, the doctor can numb the area around the mole, and with the help of a blade he will shave off the mole. In this method stitches or sutures are not needed. With either method, the doctor will test the moles. 

Go ahead and use these natural remedies and learn how to get rid of moles from your skin and get flawless and beautiful skin. And if you like this post, please share this post with your friends on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook and also comment below your opinion.

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