Everyone loves straight, smooth, long hair and the hairs that would listen to whatever we say and be able to do any hairstyle you wish is a nice feeling. straight and smooth hairs are easy to maintain and they always look fashionable. Women always love straight hairs because it looks more attractive, but women who do not naturally straight hairs. They do all things for how to get straight hair.

Tend to use chemical and some treatments in order to straighten unruly waves and curls. They also spend lots of time and money on salons and chemical hair products. But after some time these chemical product effects start to appear on your hair. They create lots of hair problems like hair loss, dry scalp, and increased scalp allergies. Now the question is what to do for straight hairs? There are many simple home remedies that can give you a natural straight hair, in this article I will share some natural ways that help you to get straight without any heat.

1. How to Get Straight Hair With Fuller’s Earth And Rice Flour

How to Get Straight Hair

Fuller’s earth is a great ingredient to get rid of frizzy hair in a natural way it helps to make your hair straight naturally. Mix fuller’s earth with egg white and rice flour and a little water on it. And make a smooth paste then apply it to your hair then rinse it after one hour with plain water.

2. Wrap Wet Hair Tightly

Straight Hair With Wraping Wet Hair Tightly

After washing your hair comb and divide it down the center. Comb the left side hair all the way over to the right and wrap around the back of your head with bobby pins and do the same thing with the right side hair. Let it dry completely, you can also wrap in a silk scarf and sleep on it to reduce frizz.

3. Use an Ultra-absorbent Towel

Straight Hair With Towel

Heat-free straightening techniques are works best on fine to medium hairs texture that is straight or slightly wavy. Always use an absorbent fabric like Aquis, which helps wick moisture out of the hair quickly without causing damage and frizz.

4. Brush Wet Hair Until it Dries

How to Get Straight Hair By Brushing Wet Hair

After washing hair, let it dry by doing continue to brush. Do it for five minutes. Then pull out each section and hold of hair for a few seconds to encourage it to straighten out.

5. Roll your Hair

How to Get Straight Hair With Roller

Use large hair rollers and roll sections of wet hair. Then secure them tightly against the head and let it dry completely.

6. How to Get Straight Hair With Twist Hair Into a Bun

How to Get Straight Hair With Bun

First, make a ponytail and twist it like a rope. Then tie wet hair into a bun and secure with a rubber band. Let it dry completely and then brush your hair it makes your hair straight naturally.

Go ahead try these tips at your home and make your hair naturally straight, If you like this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend and sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!

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