A chiseled jawline, high cheekbones, and sharp edges are the features that everyone wants. Because it will give you a more attractive look and also enhance your feature. But chubby cheeks often make you the victims of meaningless teasing and give you the childish look.

Nowadays maintaining healthy young-looking and beautiful skin is essential, but due to certain factors like hectic lifestyle, eating junk foods, stress can make you unhealthy and overweight.

Reducing fat can be a challenge on its own, and lose face fat is an incredibly frustrating problem to solve. But with the help of some home remedies, facial exercise and with plenty of strategies you can lose face fat naturally. So keep reading this blog to know about how to lose face fat naturally.

How To Lose Face Fat

Face fat is the most common problem that most of the people faced. When the fat is a deposit on some areas of the face can make your face look fuller, puffier and lead to around face and it is called face fat.

While face fat not causes any harm but having face fat can really bother you. So let’s have a look at how to lose face fat.

1. Drink Lots Of Water

 How To Lose Face Fat With Drink lots Of Water

Drinking before and after a glass of water can help you lose weight and make you feel fuller.

Drinking water and making your body well hydrated is great for the whole health.

Because the right amounts of water will help your body to flush out the toxins easily and reduce puffiness and bloating from the face.

Some studies show that drinking water also promotes lipolysis. Lipolysis occurs when our bodies break down fat stores into fatty acids.

2. Hot Towel Action

How To Lose Face Fat With Hot Towel Action

Hot towel treatment can help you to lose weight because it causes steam on your face and open the pores, release the sweat and trapped toxins.

Boil some water in a pan and then remove it for the stove and wait until it cools down a little.

Then take a clean towel and soak into the water and squeeze the extra water.

Then press the towel on your fatty face and repeat this process for at least 5-6 times. Do this cation once regular for a better result.

3. Sleep

How To Lose Face Fat With Sleep

Having a good quantity of sleep can increase can give you numerous health benefits and help you to lose weight.

Because the lack of sleep can affect the level of some hormones that prospect you feeling hunger and promote overeating.

Some studies show that adults require 8 hours of sleep to stop their facial muscles from sagging. Therefore getting enough and good sleep helps you to lose face fat.

4. Chewing Gums

How To Lose Face Fat With Chewing gums

It is the best and easy way to lose face fat easily. Chewing gums can tone your cheek muscles and jawline because chewing action can force the jawline to expand.

Chew sugar-free gum 20 minutes two times in a day it will melt fat cells from your face and make it thinner and toned. Chewing gum 30 minutes after eating lunch and dinner.

5. How To Lose Face Fat With Green Tea

How To Lose Face Fat With Green Tea

Green tea is a great source of antioxidants and also helps in reducing water retention form the body.

It also carbs the excess fat from the body and help you to lose fat. Drink 3 to 4 cups of green tea daily but don’t use sugar or artificial sweeteners.

For better results add few drops of lemon and honey in a green tea it will eliminate the toxins from the body.

6. Clay Mask

How To Lose Face Fat With Clay

The clay face mask can help to stiffen and contract the facial muscles, It also prevents the sagging and tightens the skin tissues of the face.

Applying clay on skin increase the collagen level of the skin and help you to get rid of aging signs.

It will absorb the water and excessive oil beneath the skin through the process of osmosis and make your face look slimmer.

Combined face massage and clay and make a smooth mixture and apply this face mask once a week and make your face look thinner. 

How To Lose Face Fat With Exercise

1. Cheek Puff Exercise

Cheek Puff Exercise

Take a deep breath and puff the air keen on the cheeks and grasp all the air there at least for 5 seconds.

Then push the air into the right cheek for 5 seconds, then push the air into the left cheek, do this exercise a few times throughout the day.

This exercise tones your cheek muscles and makes your face look slimmer.

2. Chin Lifts

Chin Lifts

Throwback the head and stretch the neck as much as you can. Keep the eyes on the ceiling and try to move lower lip over the upper lip and smile wide.

Repeat this action 10 times it will help you to lose face fat and double chin and tone up your muscles.

3. Warm Gargle

Warm Gargle

Gargle exercise is a simple and powerful way to that decrease the facial flabbiness and tone up your face.

Get a mouthful of warm water and swirl it for a few minutes in the mouth, then throw out the water.

Repeat this action for about 3 to 4 times a day for better results. You can easily do this action anytime and anywhere.

4. How To Lose Face Fat With Blowing Balloons

How To Lose Face Fat With Blowing balloons

It is an amazing way to lose face fat because when we blow the balloons the muscles of the face expand and make you face tone.

Blow a balloon 10 times a day for getting the noticeable difference in your face. These tricks can help you to lose your face fat in a week.

5. Jaw Release

Jaw Release

This exercise helps to tone your jawline and cheek muscles. For doing this exercise stand straight and keep the lips together, then move the jawline in a circular motion just like you chewing food also breathe in and breathe out.

Then open the mouth wide and the holding tip of the tongue behind the bottom teeth and breathe in and breathe out. Hold this position for 6 seconds and repeat this exercise 10 times.

Go ahead and use these natural ways and lose face fat naturally. And if you like this post, please share this post with your friends on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook and also comment below your opinion.

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