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Korean Makeup

Whether it is K-Pop, K-Drama or K-Beauty, Korea seems to have an upper hand in recent global trends. And here, today you’re going to read about the 10 most innovative Korean makeup techniques to look younger.

Some great attributes that make Korean makeup so appealing and popular are

  • Clear Korean glass-skin
  • Cute anime-like big eyes
  • Natural-looking glowy skin
  • Natural-looking tinted lips
  • (And most importantly) younger looking skin

But How do Koreans look younger with makeup? Read further to find out.

How to Look Like a Korean Girl Naturally : A Guide to Korean Natural Makeup Look

You must have seen those Korean girls on social media and may have thought to yourself “Damn!!! How does she look so glowing and young?”

In fact, it is hard to guess their age. And you’re like “I’m just 23 with dark circles and work stress on my face.” Well to all the sisters reading it out there, don’t worry because you can get that Korean makeup look this 2022. 

You can also get that fresh and younger looking skin and you don’t need to have a skin routine for that and you don’t have to be Korean either. (Pun intended)

So here are some Korean Makeup tricks and tips for you to have a young, korean glass-skin look.

Use Highlighters

A bright dewy glow on the cheeks, chin and sometimes even on the nose-tip is an evident feature of Korean makeup. Therefore a highlighter is an essential part of every Korean women’s makeup-kit.

Highlighters are used to brighten and lighten your natural facial features like cheekbones in a subtle and elegant way.

There are so many types of highlighters available in the market but Korean women usually prefer cushion highlighters(Kaja liquide blendable highlighter ASIN: B08GCYKBZP). Maybe because it gives more control and makes the skin look buttery smooth.

Blend Fruity Colors for Blushing Look

Korean make is a lot about celebrating youth and colors. Thus Korean girls are not afraid to use beautiful bright fruity tints in their makeup wherever needed.

And there’s a reason behind this choice of colors. According to a lot of makeup experts, fruity colors like strawberry, watermelon and peach tint gives a naturally younger looking skin.

Maybe that’s why those Korean girls seem to have a natural blush on their cheeks all the time. So now you can get that Korean skin too by adding some fruity makeup(ASIN:B093GRFZPJ) to your beauty tools.

Add a Hint of Glitter to Your Eyes

Normally when people use glitter they’re all about the sparkle and bling. People are of the view that glitter creates a loud makeup look but Korean makeup has broken this belief.

Korean makeup has shown the world that glitter can look as subtle as it looks in the Korean tear drop eyes look.

To achieve a tear drop eye look you have to use glitter under the eye. Just a little hint of glitter can do it so avoid overdoing it.

The Iconic Korean Puppy Dog Eyes

Gone are the days when cat-eyes were the top makeup trend. Because with Korean makeup techniques, puppy dog eyes have gained popularity.

In this Korean makeup technique the aim is to make the eyes look bigger and cuter just like some cute anime character.

According to some of the Korean makeup artists, unlike the western makeup trends, Korean women love to look younger and cuter instead of getting a sexier and mature look.

No Curve Eyebrow Look

Another way of looking younger with Korean makeup is creating natural looking straight eyebrows. Where most women want curves or arcs in their eyebrows, Korean women hardly bother to curve-fill their eyebrows.

Although eyebrows should be styled according to your face cut, Korean women tend to believe they look younger with straighter and smaller eyebrows.

You can try and test it for yourself.

Use Peach Tint Eyeshadow

When it comes to eyeshadows, Korean makeup style is all about peachy tints. As some makeup experts believe, peak colored eyeshadow can give a very soft and fragile teen-girl look.

So if you want to have a younger look, try this Korean makeup tip. Other than peach you can also go for light, soft pinkish shades. 

Create Laughing Eye Bags Illusion

Don’t worry, we are not talking about those dull eye bags here, which you hate to carry under your eyes. We are referring to those cute looking eye-muscles that appear under the eyes when you smile.

The Korean makeup technique of creating fake laughing eye bags under the eyes is also known as Aegyo sal makeup technique.

These laughing eye bags are considered to make you look younger and cute as hell. To achieve this look you can use a hint of glitter or highlighter right under your eye.

Use Cushion Compact

Korean women are obsessed with cushions whether its eyebrow cushion, or highlighter cushion or compact cushion. They love to use cushions for everything.

Well, they have a point in using these cushions though. As for compact, the cushion helps evenly apply it all over the face and gives a smooth finish.

Plus it gives more control as you can literally use your fingertips to apply it. So go for the compact cushion (Missah M Magic Cushion ASIN:B00U3TE9ZU) to get a younger looking natural skin with Korean makeup.

Do a little Contour

Mostly, Korean women use a shading powder to do a little bit of contour here and there on their skin.

You can achieve a younger look with this trick of korean makeup style by slightly contouring the areas like under the jaw-line, hair-line and sides of the nose.

This will make you look a little more younger, and will make your face look slim and cute.

Gradient Lips Look

Now the last but not the least, Korean makeup tip to look younger is the gradient lips look.

In this makeup trick, an illusion of natural looking thick and bitten lips is created by using a darker shade of lip color in the middle part of the lips and fading it towards the outer sides of lips. Or you can simply use a gradient two-tone lipstick for this trick.

This gradient effect can make your lips look more beautiful. And when it comes to colors Korean women prefer lighter natural looking popsicle tint shades that are great to add up for a youthful look.

End Thoughts

These were the 10 super easy Korean makeup tricks that can make you look younger. Now you can be a part of this latest K-Beauty trend too and can have a beautiful glowing youthful look that will make you shine by enhancing your natural skin and features in an almost no-makeup look.

Hopefully you will find as much joy in trying these Korean makeup tips as we felt in sharing these with you.

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