Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021
Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Our eyes are the window of our soul because we look at anyone first we notice her eyes. All kinds of eye shapes are beautiful, but bigger and elongated eyes look more attractive appealing. But most of us are not blessed with big eyes. Know there are no worries about it if you have small eyes after lost of research now I can find the easiest eye makeup tricks and tips that make your eyes bigger like Disney princesses and make you gorgeous. This article will share some amazing makeup trick that makes your eye bigger easily.

Here are some makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger

1. Cover the Under Eye Dark Circles

Makeup Tricks Cover the Under Eye Dark Circles

Cover your dark circles with concealer it not make your eyes look bigger but at least the dark circles will not draw attention to them when is looking your eyes. Use slightly lighter shade than your foundation to lift and enhance your look.

2. Light Color Eye Shadow

Makeup Tricks Light Color Eye Shadow

Always use light and neutral eyeshadow. Apply light colors for the areas that you want the light to reflect and darker shades for the areas you want to push back. Apply light color at the center of the eyelids it brings you forward.

3. Tightline The Upper Water Line

Makeup Tricks Tightline The Upper Water Line

Tightline your upper waterline with black liner, this step makes a lot of difference in your eyes. It will make your lashes fuller and helps to open up the eyes.

4. Low lay, curly, Fluttery Eyelashes

Makeup Tricks Low lay, curly, Fluttery Eyelashes

Apply liner on the lower lash line and make sure to not apply it to the outer third. Draw a line with liner close to the lashes and also create a tiny flick and make it thicker at the end. Curl your lashes it makes your eyes look bigger.

5. Makeup Tricks To Apply Mascara

Makeup Tricks To Apply Mascara

Good techniques for applying mascara can make your eyes look bigger and thicker in no time. Apply three to four coats on the outer corners of the yes to create doe shaped eyes.

6. Contour The Crease

Makeup Tricks Contour The Crease

Countering to crease make the illusion of deeper set eyes, which in turn, make them appear larger. Apply a matte brown shade from the outer corner to the crease and blend well. If you are going for an intense makeup look, then contour slightly above your actual crease.

7. Makeup Tricks For Instead of Dark Go With Brighter

Makeup Tricks For Instead of Dark Go With Brighter

The dark or black kajal makes your eyes appear smaller and boxed in. Instead, apply a white or nude pencil. A light-colored will make your eyes bigger. Use the same pencil and highlight the inner corner of your eyes, you can also go with shimmery eyeshadow on the inner corner to brighten your eyes.

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By Shaily Gupta

My Name is Shaily. I own a Digital Marketing Agency but knowing that I can never be truly happy until I am doing ten things at one time.  This is my beauty and health tips blog and I am the author of this blog.

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