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Makeup is the most powerful weapon that can break or make your true beauty and I am not kidding at all. Countering your face is a little bit tricky but it helps you to achieve perfect makeup look. But many girls are don’t know how to counter your face and nose for a perfect look. We believe everyone is beautiful in their unique way, and there is no special limitation on how certain parts should look like. But we also believe that people are eager to play around with their outlook until you get the results they like. This article will share some makeup tutorial for beginners that help them to to make there nose look perfect.

Nose countering is the main and important part of the makeup and will make your face look perfect. Counter your nose just like brown blob is mot enough for a perfect look. If you want to achieve a perfect and flawless look for that you need to know about the best countering tips for a nose that make your nose perfect and look natural.

Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Step 1

How to contour nose step by step

First, apply a liquid powder. Draw two lines straight on each other side of your nose with the thin brush. Draw with a straight line under the brow bone to the end of the nose.

Makeup Tip For Beginners Step 2

Counter your nose

A perfect contour is nothing without a highlight! Just create a stripe with light color down to your nose. Start with the between of the brows and down to the tip. Keep these lines straight and parallel with each other. But you can keep adjusting the width of lines according to you.

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Makeup Tip For Beginners Step 3

Highlight wider nose

If your nose is wide and thick of the top, just apply highlighter to the half for a better and perfect look. You can use off white or nude shade for eyeshadow or specific highlighters to contour your nose.

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Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Step 4

Makeup Tutorial For Beginners Step 4

Gently blend highlighter nad contour lines with the spouse, but make sure that doesn’t end up cleaning both. Just bled it gently for a subtle and distinct look this will make your nose perfect.

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