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Mango is the king of fruits and we all know the benefits of mango, but what about mango leaves? It also contains numerous health benefits.

But most of the people don’t know the mango leaves benefits, that’s why they ignore them.

But the leaves of Mango will surprise you with their benefits because it can treat numerous health-related issues and it is a wonderful food for a healthy body.

Keep reading to know about the mango leave benefits and their uses.

Do Mango Trees Lose Their Leaves?

Mango leaves

The mango tree develops under a large canopy densely filled with foliage. Mango trees are classified as evergreen, which means that mango tree doesn’t lose leaves during the winter months.

But their leaves drop periodically every year. It can create a messy appearance around and under the tree.

Its leaves are shiny and fleshy with a sharp tip and also rich in antioxidants properties.

Their leaves have been used in numerous medicines. This is really popular as a food in Southeast Asia.

What Are Mango Leaves Good For?

Their leaf is rich in vitamin A, B & C, it also contains all the essential nutrients which are important for our body. It contains potassium, dietary fiber proteins, beta carotene, and phenolic.

According to the study, mango tree leaf contains antibacterial properties, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties.[1]

Uses Of Mango Leaves

  • Using mango leaf water as a stomach cleanser
  • To Make mango leaf tea.
  • Using mango leaves powder for treating skin issues.
  • Using mango leaf ash for treating skin problems or burns

Mango Leaves Tea Benefits And Recipe

Mango Leaves and Tea

According to a research, Drinking mango leaf tea 2 times a day is useful for the body.

Drinking mango tea on an empty stomach is beneficial for those people who are suffering from oral health and diabetes. [2]

It is also a beneficial bedtime drink because it contains antioxidants which are good for a healthy gut and weight loss.

Here are the mango leaves tea recipe

  • Take a 10 to 15 mango leave and wash them
  • Chop all into small pieces.
  • Add all the chopped leaves to a tea infuser, then add 2 teaspoons of honey to the infuser.
  • Boil 300 ml water and add it to the infuser.
  • Cover the infuser lid and leave for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes remove the infuser and pour the tea into a cup then drink it.

Health Benefits Of Mango Leaves

benefits of mango leaves infographics

1. Mango Leaves For Diabetes

Diabetes check

These are one of the natural remedies for diabetes. The tender leaves of the mango tree contain tannins which are known as anthocyanidins.

This component can help to treat early diabetes. People are using dry mango leaves powder to treat diabetes. It also treats angiopathy diabetes and retinopathy diabetes.

Leaves also contain 3beta-taraxerol and ethyl acetate extract, which help to synergize with the insulin to activate GLUT4.

It also stimulates the synthesis of glycogen in the body. Simply boil 10 to 15 leaves of mango and leave it overnight to cool.

Drink this mixture in the morning with an empty stomach. Drinking mango tea leaves are also useful.

2. Treat Hypertension


Hypertension is one of the most common issues that most people face nowadays. Mango leaves are one of the best remedies for the treatment of hypertension.

It does not only treat hypertension but also makes the blood vessels fragile, which can increase the risk of hypertension in the body.

3. Treats The Restlessness


The anxiety is one of the most common ailments that affect youth nowadays.

Anxiety can bring restlessness which is the most annoying thing for the people who are suffering from it.

Mango leaf is the best home remedy for restlessness. Add 2-4 cups of mango leaf into your bath water for relief of restlessness.

4. Lower The Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure check

Mango leaf maintains the blood pressure level in the body. Because the leaves contain all the nutrients which are helpful in reducing blood pressure levels.

It also strengthens the blood vessel and treats the problem of varicose veins.

Boil mango leaf and let them cool. After cooling the mixture, drink this water on an empty stomach.

5. Weight loss

Weight checking

It can trigger the production of leptin hormones in the body which can regulate fat accumulation in the body.

It also contains vitamin B which stimulates liver functions and flushes out the carbohydrates which help in weight loss. Leaves are also rich in dietary fiber which helps to treat digestion and bowel movement.

This process will boost metabolism and enhance weight loss. The active elements which are present in the body will make you feel fuller for a longer time and reduce the desire to eat more. So drink mango leaf water on an empty stomach or drink mango leaf tea.

6. Treats Hiccups And Throat Problems

throat problem

Mango leaves are one of the best remedies for you if you are suffering from a sore throat because it is used as the best sore throat treatments.

Burn the mango leave and inhale all the smoke of the burnt leave. It will help to treat and cure hiccups and throat issues.

7. Mouthwash

white teeth

Healthy and hygienic oral health is a part of a beautiful smile.

Unhealthy oral health will cause bad breath, enamel damage, infections, tooth decay, and many more oral health issues.

Mango is the best remedy for gum and teeth health. Because it contains tennis existence which is good for oral health, this same compound is also present in the leaves.

Boil old mango leaves in water and cool them. After cooling the water, wash your teeth with this water.[4]

Side Effect Of Mango Leaves

Mango Leaves tree

There are no possible side effects of mango leaf that are observed. It’s considered to be among ayurvedic medications.

And there are also no such severe side effects of mango leaf that is noticed.[3]

But some studies advise using a limited number of their leaves to have maximum mango leaves benefits.[5]

Mango Leaves Poisonous

According to the mango leaves research, leaves are toxic because they contain a chemical called urushiol.

It also causes rashes in those people who are allergic to mango. So be careful before using the mango leaf.

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