Shavasana is one of the easiest asanas in the yoga poses. Shavasana gets the name from the recumbent posture of a dead body. It looks simple and easy but it is not that much easy, because it needs lots of concentration.

Shavasana contains lots of health benefits, Keep reading to know what is Shavasana and its health benefits.

What Is A Shavasana?

In English, Shavasana is known as the Corpse Pose. Shavasana looks like the dead pose, which looks like an easy pose to do, but when you perform it than you would realize it’s not as simple as it looks.

While doing savasana,  you need to do completely surrender yourself, by relaxing the mind and body totally. Let the body light and lose, and also not to focus on what is happening around.

But doing this is really tough, doing this you need to have a very good practice. Savasana yoga is done at the end of the yoga session to relax the body and mind.

Savasana may be practiced when one is extremely tired and worn out. Doing Shavasana can rejuvenate, refresh, and boost you and make your mind healthy. 

How To Do Savasana Yoga?

How To Do Savasana Yoga
  • Lie on the floor and don’t use any pillows or cushions. The best place to do this pose is lying on the hard surface, where will be no disturbance and you make yourself comfortable while doing this Shavasana. 
  • After lying on the floor comfortably, close your eyes. 
  • Place both legs such that they are comfortable apart and let your feet and knees relax. Keep your toes facing to the sides. 
  • Place the arms alongside, little spread apart from the body. Leave the palms open facing upward. 
  • Take the attention to different body parts one by one. Start from the toe and slowly relax the entire body. Take breaths slowly and deeply and get relax, but do not fall asleep during the process. 
  • Breathe slowly and deeply, this will impact on the complete relaxation. Breathing in the body will energize you and breathing out the body will calm down you while doing the Shavasana. Just focus on your body and yourself, then slowly forget all the other tasks. Let go and surrender yourself, but make sure you don’t doze off. 
  • After about the 10 to 12 minutes when your body feels fully relax, then slowly roll onto your right side and keep your eyes closed. Lie in this position for a minute. Then with the right-hand support gently sit up into Sukhasana(Easy Pose). 
  • Keep the eyes close and take a few deep breaths in and out, also get aware by the surrounding and body. When you feel fresh and calm then slowly and gently open your eyes. 

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Contraindications Of Corpse Pose  

Shavasana is absolutely safe, which can be practiced by anyone and everyone. Unless the doctor will advise you not to lie on your back, you can also practice this restorative yoga pose.

If you are pregnant then rest your head and chest on the bolster for comfort. 

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Tips For The Savasana Pose 

Tips For The Savasana Pose

The main object of the Shavasana posture is the relaxation of the mind and body. If the mind is one the distraction, then the Savasana Pose doesn’t give you the desired result.

If you also have a busy, stressful life then relaxing yourself is quite a task to completely let go and relax.

One of the most difficult parts of the Shavasana is to relaxing the heads of the thigh bones so that the groins soften.

If your groin doesn’t soften, then it restricts on proper breathings and it will create the tension on your body at the foin creases.

After that imagine your head of the thigh bone pressed down because of the weight.   

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Health Benefits of Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

Health Benefits of Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

The Shavasana yoga pose is one of the easiest and important postures of yoga. It also contains numerous health benefits.

Here are some health benefits are: 

1. Brings You In The Meditative State

A savasana yoga pose can relax the body and get you into the deep meditative state. Bringing the body to a meditative state can repair the cell and tissues.

Doing restorative yoga poses can help to release the stress and rejuvenate your body to face again daily life stress. 

2. Shavasana Can Relax The body

Shavasana can replenish and rejuvenates the body deeply. Doing this savasana yoga at the end of the yoga session is great. Especially if you are an intense one.

Corpse pose also gives you space and time for the workout to sink in. Corpse pose is a perfect buffer for you between the exercise and daily chores. 

3. Shavasana Can Reduce Anxiety 

Doing Shavasana makes your body relaxes and calms down. When your body gets calms and relaxes then the blood pressure will also drop.

Lower blood pressure can also relax the blood vessels and help to get rid of the heart-related diseases. Relax and calm body can also control anxiety and stress.

It will boost your mind and heart health. According to the one study, doing the daily 30 minutes, corpse pose or medications can improve the symptoms of anxiety and stress levels in people. 

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4. Increase Concentration Levels 

The direct effect of Shavasana or medication is concentration and focus. While doing the corpse pose you can draw the focus on every and each area of your body.

Focusing on your body can boost brain power and also improves memory and concentration power. 

5. Shavasana Can Increase The Energy Levels

Shavasana is one the safest, fastest, and easiest way to gain energy. Because doing only a 10 minutes corpse pose can rejuvenate the body and relax it.

This will give the break to the body and also boost the energy levels and increase your productivity power. 

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Savasana Yoga Duration

Savasana Yoga Duration

As far as the practice of corpse poses can relax the body and mind. But it should take a complete procedure for the practice and time durations.

After performing all the Yoga poses then perform savasana poses. Perform a Shavasana posture for at least 10 to 154 minutes.

Follow up the Shavasana with the Sukh Asan or easy pose.  

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