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Tribal braids are one of the most trendy braid hairstyles of Africa. And now a lot of the people on the bandwagon and getting these tribal braids hairstyles. This braid is popular by the name of African tribal braids because it is originated from Africa.

The real magic of tribal braids lies in how old they are and also the kind of beauty like makeup that you add to your hair.

As time changed and the hairstyles have spread all around the world and also the design and texture of the tribal braids have also been changing.

If you are want to try tribal braids then keep reading this blog. Because in this blow I’m going to share with you some stunning tribal braids styles

Stay tuned till the end to learn about the stunning Tribal braids hairstyles.

What Are Tribal Braids?

tribal braids

The tribal braids style is inspired by the Fulani tribal braids hairstyle where the braids get the pattern of the cornrows. On the other hand, these braids are arranged in a parallel and also a center partitioned way.

Also, these braids are decorated with different types of accessories like beads and feathers. Even some people say that the tribal braids hairs can not be imagined without the beads. Beads breathe new life into Tribal hairstyles.

However, tribal braids’ hairstyles are designed and shaped in various ways like updos, ponytails, buns, and so on.

The tribal braids are faster to install as compared to the other protective styles such as the box braids or the Faux Locs. These braid hairstyles are relatively easier to maintain as well.

Women tend to go longer between the braids when they have protective styles but thanks to their spacing. While the Fulani braids offer easier access to the hair scalp.

This will also make the style convenient in the case you will need to moisturize your scalp. You can maintain the moisture on your scalp by using a spray, essential oils, or leave in the conditioner. 

History Of Tribal Braid Styles

history of tribal braids

Braids set a new trend line among the world because they had been a part of styles and culture for thousands of years.

The historical spacing of the braids was originating from the African tribes as a sign of a woman’s tribe, social standing, and status.

Sometimes these pieces have become heirloom through the generations to generations, so it is worn by women after women. Some hairstyles are also themselves that passed from parent to their child as their own types or the family legacy.

Well, the African culture has been associated with the different types of braids for 5000 years. So the braiding hairstyle is one of the ancient jobs that people are doing continuously.

Among them are thousands of braided hairstyles, but the tribal braids have a special place in the mind of the African American community. Because the wild is beautiful and also wild looks trendy.

Also, wild hairdos are one of the most fascinating hairdos in the world. All the braids are worn by the African or American that tribes which are stunning in look and also wild by their nature.

While tribal braids are the traditional hairstyle that is especially preferred by black women for years. But the advancement in the era the tribal braids hairstyles have taken a modern look.

The tribal hair look also becomes trendy with vibrant colors and it also offers a variety of hairstyles.  The tribal braids hair is one of the very protective hairstyles that you can keep for months.

Although this process of tribal braids will take four to eight hours, still this hairstyle will give you relaxation for the months by adding the twist and trendy appeal to your look.

Tribal Hairstyle for Afro Hair

Well, most of the tribal braid styles are rooted in the African Historical tradition and past, it is courting again as early as 3500B.C.

The tribal hairstyles have efficiently crossed over a  number of millennia even to the digital age, this braid hairstyle is a testimony to the enduring energy of the Africans and also their descendants.

The trendy and fiercely unbiased have to turn out to be synonymous to that ladies who are sport the style of the tribal braid within the boardroom to the catwalk to the beachfront. 

From The Culture Heritage To The Style Assertion 

African Women Hairstyle

Not only do the ancient African women have tribal hairstyles, but even the younger women of these days are also carrying tribal braids. A far cry from the decade in the past when straightening only black hair was the norm only.

But with the increasingly more folks care protecting hairstyles and going out of their pure hair as a private and magnificence assertion and the tribal braids have advanced.

Well traditionally the braid patterns will represent standing and wealth, it also signified energy and faith. But nowadays tribal braids are the private symbols of cultural possession and the stylish type.

So they will by no means exit the trend as the cornrows grew to become stylish within the 1960s and field braids inundating the style that reveals within the 1990s.

While these days Fulani tribal braids are also making a comeback. With progressive hair merchandise, ornaments, and the extra inexpensive hair equipment similar to the extensions.

The tribal braids and twists are certain to turn out to be a part of the mainstream trend. 

How Long Do Tribal Braids Last?

The tribal braids are a protective hairstyle. If you go easy with your hair and don’t mess it up a lot, tribal braids will last up to eight weeks.

Even with the little carefree, tribal braids will last a minimum of six weeks but with the extra care, your braid will go up to even ten weeks.

Since, these braids are woven tightly, keeping them in for any longer is not advised. Because when the tribal braid has lived their age, they start to get a little fuzzy. 

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Beads And Their Uses In The Tribal Braids

Tribal Braids

Beads with the tribal braid is an exciting and intriguing style for those women who love to wear the bold look and also love to express their personality with their different styles.

The use of bread depends on your choice, so you can choose a broad set of options there as well. But make the braid that you use is something that matches your outfit or also some color that you prefer.

Well, the beads are looking with the braids being the center of the attention. You can also see nowadays how the cornrow styles will uplift the simple hairstyle.

This look with the braids makes it worth your effort and attention. No matter how much these braids’ hairstyles will take time, you will always want to be able to admire them.

When the beads are added to your hair it will give you the stunning look that we all want in the hair. When you fascinate your braids by adding some beads into them, then it will give you an even better look.

So try to add some stunning multi-color beads into your braids. By adding these beads and some fascinating colors into your braid can make your hair look good.

Check out these stunning tribal braids Hairstyles. 

Stunning Tribal Braid Styles

Tribal braids have become a sort of colloquial term for the many popular braiding styles that all have origins in Africa.

One of the most common styles that go by the name of the tribal braids. Actually, the tribal braids are Fulani braids but the terms can also be used to describe a variety of other styles.

1. Two Layer Braids Hairstyles

Two Layer Braids Hairstyles

For creating the two-layer tribal braids hairstyle firstly your hairstylist divides the hair into horizontal sections. When he gently divides it into the horizontal sections then he divides you into the cornrows in each section.

Then your hairstylist Baird your every section of hair in the different patterns. As each row is braided and also the hairstylist will feed in with the extensions.

Because the upper and the lower parts of this hairstyle are braided separately. You can achieve a much longer and more voluminous look as well as it will give you a unique contrasting finish look. You can get 2 layer braid hairstyle in a different style like with feed or stylish pattern or bold, and so many others.

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2. Artistic Braids With Afro Hair 

Artistic Braid With Afro Hair

This hairstyle is one of the unique and classy hairstyles for African American Ladies. Artistics braids are great for those who love their natural afro hairs but also prefer to get a carefree and manageable hairstyle.

The artistic braids include a beautiful pattern of the braids for the top section styled with a cute white bead in the center of the braid. For creating a natural afro hairstyle you need to create the braids till the top section length.

The tie you rest hair in a ponytail for a unique look. And leave your afro hairs free for creating a charming look, but also add single tribal braids on both sides of the face for creating Fulani beads on the ends of the braids. 

3. Long Tribal Braids

Long Tribal Braids

Long tribal braids are suited for those women who have naturally long hair. Otherwise, if your hair length is short so can use extension by matching with your hair color or in a different color. You can also create long tribal braids with beads that look fabulous. These tribal hairstyles always are the perfect styles for natural long hair.

If you want to create a tribal hairstyle as a tribute so can put cowry shells at the end of braids. African women use cowry shells while creating a tribal hairstyle because it shows womanhood, wealth, and protection.

4. Half Knot Indigo Tribal Braids

Half Knot Indigo Tribal Braids

It is an Indigo tribal braid half up and half down that adds color to your braid. This braid is created by highlighting hair with an Indigo color that gives lighting effects. To get this half knot indigo tribal braid hairstyle, the hair is divided into two sections, half up and half down.

A half knot bun is created and half hairs are left open for this tribal braid hairstyle.

5. Three Layer Braids

Three Layer Braids

3 layer tribal braids are the classy combination of small & jumbo tribal braids. You can add beads or rings in 3 layer braids styles. There are other ways also that give three-layer braids a glamorous touch-up. Side part tribal braids, medium 3 layer tribal braids, 3 layer braids to the back, and other styles are can be done to get a 3 layer braid hairstyle.

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6. Side Part Tribal Braids

Side Part Tribal Braids

The way you section the hair can give you a new look. There are side partitions on the hair that can give you a lovely look. If you want to have a hairstyle like this, then you want to get a deep side part.

The side part hairstyles are suitable to the square and diamond face shape. Because the side part draws all the attention to your eyes and also cheekbones while it shows off the angular jaw.

When the tribal braids are combined with the side parting they create a soft and feminine look. Side part tribal braids will pair perfectly with thicker styles, such as goddess braids.

This hairstyle can give you the entire section of the hair on one side. This hairstyle ideal for those women who love the space from their rows. 

7. Ghana Braids 

Ghana Braids 

Ghana braids are a traditional hairstyle of the country of ghana. These braids are also often called banana braids or fishbone braids can be traced all the way back to Africa.

The earliest depictions of the ghana braids appear in hieroglyphics and sculptures that were carved around 500 BC. That illustrates the attention the Africans are paid to their hair.

The terms of Ghana braids broadly apply to the many different types of braiding patterns that all have a unique tapered effect.

For creating the Ghana braids look, your hairstylist will begin by creating the thin micro braids on your head, These braids then tapper out to more full, twists, and thicker plaits. 

8. Bohemian Braids

Bohemian Braids

Free-spirited women easily fall in love with the bohemian tribal braids. Bohemian braids simply box braids, but with curly and undone ends, which can give you a fuller and voluminous look.

This hairstyle looks perfect for those women who like long braids, but not the weight that comes with it. One of the reasons for that is undone ends can provide a lighter weight to the entire hairstyle.

A hairstyle that mixes braised strands within the loose hair for creating a unique, creative, and original look. Like the other braiding styles the bohemian braids don’t require all of yours to get twisted or plait.

This will give you a wild and feminine style that makes you stand out from the crowd. 

9. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids Hairstyle

You might know that multiple braiding styles have been becoming sought-after by teenagers & women. Fulani braid is one of them that was adopted by the Fulani people of Africa. This braid hairstyle is a combination of two braids – cornrows & boxes. Cornrow hairstyles are created from the front & box braid hairstyle from the back.

You can get Fulani braids done in any of the following styles –

  • Fulani braids with curls
  • Playful Fulani hoops
  • Waist-length with beads
  • Fulani braids with an Afro
  • Braids with highlights
  • Fulani bangs
  • Classic Fulani braids with wooden beads
  • A maze of braids
  • Fulani braids with Neon Beads
  • Blonded braids
  • Fulani braided with Art
  • Wrap-around Fulani braids
  • Classic Fulani braids

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10. Box Braid With Ponytail 

Box Braid With Ponytail

As Box braids are pervasive in teenagers and women for centuries, box braid ponytail styles are also popularizing. The different types of box braid hairstyles are adopted by big celebrities all over the world. Now, numerous hairstyles pop of box braids with a ponytail.

  • Like, jumbo box braid ponytail
  • Crochet box braid ponytail
  • Curly bo braid ponytail
  • Classic high ponytail with weave
  • Outré box braid ponytail
  • Side low ponytail
  • Box braid ponytail with swoop
  • Big box braids in a ponytail
  • High box braid ponytail
  • Side ponytail braids with Bandana
  • Box braid ponytail with Pink

How To Style A Ponytail With Box Braid?

There is the box braids ponytail method that works to style box braid ponytail hairstyles. If you follow these methods so can easily get this hair look.

  1. Clean your box braid’s hair using dry shampoo to get voluminous.
  2. Create a ponytail by gathering all your hair at the center of the crown
  3. Take two or 3 stands of braid and wrap them around your ponytail and lock it with bobby pins.

Additional Tips – If you do not want a ponytail or are bored with it so can create the bun. You can try any of the above following ponytail hairstyles to look modern.

11. Lemonade Tribal Braids

Lemonade Tribal Braids

Lemonade tribal braids look like braid cornrows that can go from left to right, rather than the front to the back of the head.

These braids were named after this style worn by Beyonce on the cover of her album lemonade”.

For a tribal version with the lemonade braids, your stylist braids your cornrows slightly further apart so that they look more like your scalp is visible by adding the rings and beads. 

12. Tribal Braids Style With Touch Of Color 

Tribal Braids Style With Touch Of Color

As you know the hair color trend is on the top of the trending list and also every celebrity and girl is going crazy for those golden and other also vibrant colors with the hair.

In the modern era, you can combine your traditional hairstyle with braids with almost all of today’s trending styles and also with the highlights.

You can combine the traditional box braid with the modern trend of highlighting the trend. If you want to play with the colors in your hair but also do not want a permanent color on your hair.

Then you can go with the color hair extensions. This way, you also restore the advantage of doing box braids that is to protect your hair but yet it looks up to date with the fashion style.

For creating this hairstyle you can go to any hair professionals, or if you want then you can do it home. Because the process of creating this tribal braids hairstyle is easy and simple.

This hairstyle can go for a long time period similar to the box braid style. Just braid your hair with silver highlights or extensions.

If you have a bit of fun and unique look by keep the braid roots black without going through the hair coloring process.  

13. Bangs With Beads

 Bangs With Beads Hairstyles

Nowadays the hairstyling trend went to heights. Every day on social media, we came across various styles. Some people style their braids with different styling accessories.

If you don’t like your hair falling over the shoulder, but you want to accessories their hair in a celebrity style. Then, this hairstyle is one of the best styles for you.

The hairdo just involves your half hair, or you can say only the crown area. And the other part shaves to have that clean look. Then crown hair ties in the way that the braids will be hanging in your front, just like the bangs.

To level up your braid style with the accessorizing game, then style your tribal braids up with those big black beads. This is one of the top styles of hairstyles that will make you look unique and versatile. 

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14. Tribal Braids Ponytail 

Tribal Braids Ponytail

If you want to give your tribal braids a modern and chic twist for a special occasion. Then style your braids up in a ponytail. To create a tribal braids ponytail then gather your braided hair up to the crown of your head.

Try to avoid pulling your braids too tight because this will cause tension on the scalp that can lead to breakage. Then take two or three braids strands and gently wrap them around the base of the ponytail.

Also looping them through to hold the other braids in the place. Know you get a stunning ponytail without any elastic.

15. Round Over Tribal Braids

Round Over Tribal Braids

Tribal braids are a combination of different braiding styles. That goes with ancient techniques, so you be as creative as you want with your tribal braids.

A round-over braids hairstyle is one of the best and great choices for black women who have long.

For achieving a round-over braids hairstyle, just create a thin braid from both sides as a front flick. After creating the flicks create a thick braid that starts from the nape of the neck.

Then round the thick braid over to another side. Similarly, add a thin braid and then a thick braid from the rest of the hair. After rounding over the braids secure them with hairpins for a stylish appeal. 

16. Jumbo Tribal Braids

Jumbo Tribal Braids

If you want a hairstyle that makes you always stand out from the crowd. Then jumbo tribal braids are one of the best options for you.

The form and thickness of box braids and jumbo tribal braids are much thicker than the other braid styles.

Well, usually this hairstyle requires extra hair extensions for creating the signature oversized effect on your hair.

For this look as important as the size of the braids is the way of your hair that parting when you put them in. Different patterns are also created with these jumbo tribal braids.

Adding rings, beads, hair cuffs into your braids can give the jumbo braids a unique tribal hairstyle look.  

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17. Cornrow Tribal Braids 

Cornrow Tribal Braids

Cornrow hairstyle is one of the most popular styles for afro hair. These cornrows raise braids forme by using underhand techniques.

Because in this hairstyle hair braids are so close to the scalp and the skin of the head is often exposed. This hairstyle considers a protective style, so you can leave cornrows in for weeks at a time.

If you properly care for your hairstyle and also keep your scalp moisturized. Even better, there’s no limit for this kind of look to create with them.

You can create sexy, sleek, and simple to colorful, crazy, and messy because there is a huge trend at the moment.

This braid type involves a plaiting in the hair extensions to give your style an illusion of naturally ultra-long cornrows tribal braids. Try to experiment with your hairstyle with the different thicknesses for creating a unique hairstyle look.

If you want to play with your hairstyle. Then you can add some gold cuffs and other hair accessories into your braid to look fantastic. You can also go for something bold or a more subtle finish. 

18. Tribal Dreadlocks Pattern 

Tribal Dreadlocks Pattern 

Dreadlock tribal braid look is one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time. This hairstyle is very unique and eye-catching and also easy to maintain.

After having these dreadlocks you will feel like you are a new girl with lots of full attitude vibe. Dreadlocks will give you a very bold look but it is not for any shy type of girl. 

For maintaining natural hair, especially people who have curly and unmanageable hair. Because this hairstyle considers a protective style because it doesn’t require any chemicals to create them.

Tribal dreadlocks patterns also do not require daily hairstyling. It also retains the natural moisture of the hair and scalp. The Dreadlock pattern requires lots of patience because this will take a year to fully complete. 

The dreads in this hairstyle style in great patterns. You can also add the hair rings in this look to make your look more bold and gorgeous. 

19. Pigtail Braids

Pigtail Braids

If you think that having braids hairstyles are difficult to carry because they are for thin hair. Then here are some hairstyles for you that bring braids in a styled manner.

That is easy to achieve, also the texture and thickness of your hairdo do not matter. Well, you already come across the pigtails style as two ponytails that most little ones love to do.

But there are many more style versions available for you that involve the braids. For creating the pigtail braids, you have to do the french braids on your head.

In this hairstyle, long hair is tied neatly in the braid like the box braids. This hairstyle can give your braids a perfect and edgy look. Pigtail tribal braids are focusing on the angles of your face structure. 

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20. Cornrows Tribal Braids With Goldilocks Touch 

Cornrows Tribal Braids With Goldilocks Touch

Cornrows braids the modern box braids tie, it can do in a very neat and tied manner to show the clear. This will give you a neat partition between the two braids.

While some people also think that cornrows are a tricky part of the box braids. And cornrows tribal braids are more uncomfortable to carry for a long time.

But here today we are going to break all that myth. Because cornrows are very easy to have and it is flexible because the box braids maintain for a long time.

Once these braids are done properly then, they can easily last for up to one month because cornrows need very low maintenance.

For creating this hairstyle you need to give the golden touch in your braids just like goldilocks to her hair. Adding a little golden touch to your hair at the end.

Give the golden touch just like the dipping technique of hair color. 

21. Tribal Feed In Braids With Cords

Tribal Feed In Braids With Cords

The tribal feed in braids is knotless. For this, your hairstylist will plait hair extensions into the real hair for a seamless finish.

Which gives you longer and thicker braids that will move naturally. Which is perfect for creating the different tribal braids styles like Fulani braids.

The longer sections of the hair are also an ideal choice for adding the decorations like a cord. It can braid in or also wrap around your braids for creating a stylish look.  

22. Short Tribal Braids

 Short Tribal Braids

One of the best parts of the tribal braid it can do on any hair length, like short to long hair length. If your hairs are short and you like to go without hair extension. Then try a chin or mid-length tribal braids style.

The key to this tribal loom is creating unique and organic-looking braids. So there is no need to worry about making them all the same length, that may be tricks or shorter hair.

For the unique look try a center or side-parted Senegalese twists braids style. And also add some rings and beads into your braids for the subtle tribal look. 

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23. Rocking Diva Look 

Diva Look Tribal Braids

Whenever we talk about the box braid, the first image that comes to our heads is the braiding of all the hairs. Because traditionally the definition of box birds is tying all hair in braids.

But In this creative and experimenting world, I’m going to share with you one of the unique box braiding styles. The box braiding is one of the other parts of simply styling the hair.

The rocking diva look is all for those divas who are ready to style with this rocking diva look. For creating this look, the large and fluffy curls are just going all around.

That can be very easy to achieve with the help of curling iron or the more heatless ways the box braids are adding at the crown part, that are hanging at the front.

The diva look is complete by giving the golden touch to your tribal braids and also by the accessories. The rocking diva look is straight out of the red carpet looks. 

24. Mixed Halo Braids 

Mixed Halo Braids

If you are looking for some unique and extraordinary tribal braid hairstyle for your black and brown shades of long hair. One of the best choices for you is halo tribal braids.

Because the mixed halo braids are usually created from the nape of the neck. And it rounded over to the other side for creating a crown look.

Mixed halo braids have a twist that can create by different size braids taking a few thin strands and a few thick strands.

Just roll it too close to the forehead and leave your braid ends free for giving a natural appeal to your mixed halo braid hairstyle. 

25. Goddess Tribal Braids

Goddess Tribal Braids

The goddess braids are organized by African women for centuries. These thick, sleek, and define goddess braids are also popular today.

Like the cornrows braid style, the underhand braiding techniques that are used to create goddess braids. You can leave them loose or just style them into a ponytail or updo.

You can also add some elements into your goddess tribal braids such as the rings, wire, or beads for a traditional tribal touch. 

26. Jumbo Crown Braids

Jumbo Crown Braids

If you are looking for a hairstyle that you can carry easily for a party and hang out then jumbo crown braids are a great option for you.

Also, the jumbo crown tribal braid is a great option for those women who have thick and volume hair.

For creating the tribal braids hairstyle look with the jumbo braid, just leave the front section of your hair before making the crown braid.

Then create duet box braids on both sides and style them with the Fulani beads with a mix of the brown or dark shade or the circular beads.

For the middle forehead, braids add tiny rings and a unique look just adds few cuffs into the jumbo crown braid for giving the finishing touch. 

27. Single Braids With Beads

In the modern iteration of the braids, you see that the braid styling is done by adding jewels to the hair.

Single Braids With Beads

The decoration of hair is done by adding the beads, metallic threads, or just going for highlighting your hair which can help to turn heads to hairdo.

Well, the box braids are the only hairstyle that needs low maintenance as well as looks more glamorous. Once your tribal braids are done then it can go on for the week.

By just little accessories it will make you stylish not only for a few days. But it looks good from the entire week. This braid hairstyle looks perfect if you are looking for a style for a long-term purpose.

These single braids with beads hairstyles present you with a simple way to make the tribal braids with the beads to your hairstyle. To achieve this versatile open hair box braids style. Firstly your hairstyler starts braiding your hair from the front or more prescribing the crown hair.

In this hairstyle, hair divide into two parts with a braid. The braids of both sides are going in a definite direction. The braids are also left open but are styled by the golden metallic.

You can style your braid as per your choice. The long tribal braids are beautifully managed by just letting them hang down straight. And also adding beautiful beads use over the tips.

This reflects a different style and makes your hair look like a beautiful piece of art. 

28. Tribal Braids For Kids

Tribal Braids For Kids

Do you think African tribal braids are meant for only adults? No, you are thinking wrong because it is like a traditional culture in kids.

The kid tribal braids are meant for the memic for the parent’s look as part of the multi-generational bond.

For this, just simply gold warp the braids, or for having fun add some metal swirls in the braids for giving your child some glam in her hairstyles.  

Short Note On Tribal Braids

Tribal braids hairstyle has become very popular. Because many African  American celebrities are wearing the modern twisted tribal hairstyles of the ancient tribal braids.

You can wear the tribal hairstyle h with beads, cuffs, wooden, or glass accessories. You can also add cowry, bubbles, pearls, shells, colors, hair extensions, and any other ornaments beads that you like to wear.  

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