Are you getting bored with your regular hair looks? Want to try something new which makes you different and stand out from the crowd? Then spice it out with the trendiest looks of this season is the cool undercut hair.

The undercut hair is actually derived from the male undercuts. Undercut hair features shorter lengths on the back or side while keeping the hair on the top long. Undercut hair is a daring hairstyle to showcase creativity and that makes you to stand out in a crowd.

These hairstyles contain endless versions of design and styling that you can adapt according to your face shape and lifestyle. A shaved back or side and hair on top make your hair more manageable and give you a fresh and cool feeling. So let’s have a look at some stunning and hot undercut hair. 

Here are the Best Undercut hair looks for women

1. Long Hair Undercut

Long Hair

If you want to add an edge on your look but do not want to lose your hair length. Then the best option for a stylish undercut on just one side of your head.

Because long hair plus a shaved side is so much versatility in styling. It will give you the bold look that’s feminine and chic.

2. Pixie Undercut

Pixie Undercut

The sexy pixie undercut hair looks bigger and bolder by incorporating some hair color on it. For adding some feminine touch go with a pastel pink color.

For getting this look to shave your hair from all sides- right, left and bottom. And leave the hair from the top for styling long and viola.

3. Braid Undercut

Braid Undercut

This haircut is ethereal and daring short undercut hairstyle. The braid undercut makes you the most glamorous girl in the room.

For creating a more dramatic look add some silvery blue and black color on your hair. The black tones and silvery blue can give you a sexy look. And you can also incorporate it into an everyday look.

For creating this hairstyle cut one side hair and make a braid with the border of cut and pin at the back. The braid can give you dramatic and clean lines and a neat look.

4. Side Bang Undercut

Baby Pink Side Bang Undercut

This feminine shade of rose gold hair is a trend on its own. Combine this hair shade with the undercut and get a flawless and stunning short hair undercuts that friends and strangers alike will covet.

Add pink highlights into the long and uncut section of the hair. Add cut you from one side for creating a dramatic side bang. If you want the less bold look then pin your hair back to cover up the undercut.

5.Wavy Undercut

Wavy Undercut

If you have curly hair or you use heat to add a few coils and kinks, then a wavy undercut is a top hairstyle option for you.

Cut you’re from the sides and leave the hair from the top and create a gorgeous and hot look.

The contrast between short cropped sides and beautiful waves on the top can create a stylish look that can suit anyone.

6. Long Hair Rebellion

Long Hair Rebellion

If you want to try undercut hairstyle but don’t want to shave or cut your hair. Then this haircut is good for you and try this underneath your hair.

This undercut hair keeps your hair looks long and natural with a hidden surprise. This undercut is completely hidden under your hair until you raise your hair up into a ponytail or make a top knot.

Just shave our hair from the bottom and get an edgy design shaved underneath.

7. Undercut Ponytail

Undercut Ponytail

This haircut looks great with a range of hairstyles and including the classic ponytail. For creating this undercut style cut your hair from all sides and leave the hair from top longer.

The just throws the long hair on the top of the head and creates a high ponytail. The high ponytail can give you a stylish look and make you more glamorous and stunning.

8. Subtle Undercut Hair

Subtle Undercut Hair

This subtle under haircut is also another variety of subtle undercut and it does not require any drastic changes.

Just shave a small amount of the hair on the back of the neck and the rest of it neatly cascade down for revealing the geometrical shave.

This haircut is very simple and gives you a neat look. If you don’t want to look more dramatic and bold then this haircut is best for you.

9. Feminine Designs

Feminine Designs

The embrace artistic designs with shaved underneath the hair the make a unique piece of art to the nape of the neck. For creating a typical feminine style include the braids, ponytails, and buns.

This hairstyle works well especially on fine hair types that need to be spiced up a bit with dynamics. It will give you a feminine and gorgeous look.

10. Understated Cool Undercut Hair

Understated Cool

This undercut hair is the best hairstyle. Because it can allow you to off the hint of shorn hair sunder your longer lock.

For creating the dramatic side part of your temple to the midsection of your hair and expose the undercut. The back section of the head can have the hair parted the opposite way, to offer some coverage of the undercut.

This look is a cute, sassy and edgy way to creating the undercut style into the everyday look.

11. Smoky Lavender Undercut

Smoky Lavender

An undercut hairstyle not only creates in the back of the head. But it can also create a fun detail to accent your face on the side. Just brush over it when you become tired of it or just want to let it grow out. This short section is working well on the chin-length to long hair. But make sure that you have enough length to cover it up.

Go ahead and try these undercut hair and get a glamorous dramatic and hot look. And if you like this post, please share this post with your friends on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook and also comment below your opinion.

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