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When the highlighting and contouring craze first entered our universe. It caught on like wildfire for one obvious, glaring reason it could give us a gorgeous glow. The brow bone and jawline can help you to define your skin. Highlighting the cheekbones and other facial features can lift your natural face look and enhance your look. But you need to know about where to apply highlighter for the stunning look.

Using highlighter is the for glowing skin is easy and, it takes hardly a few seconds. Because you can apply it a few and small areas on your face. Just use a few amounts of highlighter, and dab it on your skin for the brighter, and gorgeous look. The trick to using highlighters correctly involves figuring out which formula and shade work best for your skin type and knowing exactly where to apply them to maximize your natural glow. There are a number of areas and ways you can highlight your face.

1. Highlight Cheekbones

Highlight Cheekbones

Highlight your temples to the top and cheek bines in shape with the help of a blush brush or you can also use the kabuki brush for the finished look. If you want a subtle effect on you to face the apply one layer or if you want an intense look then highlight your face with multiple layers.

2. Highlight Bridge of the Nose

Highlight Bridge of the Nose

This step is the best if you want to contour your nose a bit. Apply the highlighter and foundation along the bridge or your nose and gently blend it. Use foundation according to your skin tone or use two darker shade than your natural skin tone on the side of your nose. It can give your nose a slimmer appearance.

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3. Where To Apply Highlighter On Lips

Where To Apply Highlighter On  Lips

Get fuller-looking lips without injections by applying a dab of highlighter to your cupid’s bow. As with your nose, using a light hand is crucial to making a highlighted lip look natural.

4. Highlight Inner Corner of the Eye

Highlight inner eyes

The oldest trick in the book for looking awake when you’re working on three hours of sleep? Add just a pinch of highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up an otherwise dark area.

5. Where To Apply Highlighter On Brow Bones

Where To Apply Highlighter On  Brow Bones

The areas just below your eyebrows will catch a lot of light, so this is a nice area to highlight. Keep the highlighter on the outer edges of the brow bone for the perfect look. You do not need to apply highlighter to your entire brow bone. Extend the highlighter down towards the crease of eyelids, it can make your eye brighter and gorgeous.

6. Where To Apply Highlighter On Forehead and Chin

Where To Apply Highlighter On Forehead and Chin

To achieve more symmetry in your face, brush a very small amount of highlighter straight down the middle of your forehead and try to replicate this exact line down the center of your chin. Too much highlighter in these areas can create a sweaty look so be light-handed.

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